Quality Goals for 2011 (Realistic Version)

It’s the start of the new century and just like the previous years, a lot of people are writing their goals and resolutions for the new year. It is an ongoing tradition that we tend to forget once the calendar strikes at the month of February.

How will i make 2011 Extra Special?

Since i am bored and feeling a bit blah as i write this entry, i am listing down some of my Quality Goals for 2011. I will make it as realistic as possible. I’m glad that i did great last year and i am looking forward to grabbing more opportunities this year.

Now show me the bulleted list!

  • FAMILY FIRST – Enough said.
  • Be Healthy – Last year, i failed to beat my insomnia. I think that is every writer’s problem. We tend to think and work better at night until 5am. Although this sounds a bit irresponsible or so, i usually sleep at 4:30am and get-up at 8am when i was working in Manila. I’m glad that my boss was extra patient with my disrupted sleeping hours. I’m just glad that i managed to do my tasks right. I will also try to lessen my intake of Iced Mocha. I’d eat more fruits and vegetables and try to lessen rice. That will be a big challenge, but my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. It doesn’t look good, really. It doesn’t!
  • Be a Flirt – And i am serious with that. Nah, i am not trying to transform into a ‘hey-come-here-let’s-drink-and-let’s-kiss-after-then-forget-what-happened-and-move-on” type of girl. Although i am close to a lot of people, there is this tendency that they feel to comfortable around me and eventually tag me as their long lost sister. It happens all the time. I also realized that being a flirt is a way to more opportunities. Friendly Flirt, i guess. Professional flirt? I dunno. I guess watching too much chick flicks before writing this post is the main reason why ‘Be a Flirt’ was added to the list. Don’t take this seriously. I am serious πŸ˜›
  • Be a Better Blogger – I blog regularly on various sites, but i don’t really think i do my duties well. I imposed those rules, but i am also breaking it. I need to concentrate further on my travel blog. It needs more attention. I have so much content and pictures but i tend to be lazy in posting them. Maybe i should also do full-blast SEO and stuff to get satisfying site traffic. To be honest, i am not really conscious with my site traffic especially with MICAMYX. It is my personal blog and as long as i can, i’d like to keep it as ‘personal’ as possible. I think i need to increase my site traffic for more writing opportunities. I’d still try my best to keep everything personal still.
  • Be a Better Travel Blogger – Now i am learning! Years ago, i was closed-minded with traveling (although deep inside, i really want to go out and explore!). Thanks to blogger friends who kept on inviting me to out of town trips, i became addicted to it. The fact that i was able to balance my day job and my travel activities (partly balanced LOL) made me happy, but i know that going full blast is a big risk especially if you fail to write about it on your blog. Let’s be honest here. We need money in order to travel. We also need to travel in order to write effectively. To fulfill your passion, one needs to take risk and be responsible with your actions.
  • Short Films to Full-Length – I am glad that i was able to finish three short films (Kuya Bunso, The 12th of June and Positive). Although i originally planned to make 4 last year, i only managed to make one. I have monetary problems that’s why LOL. This year, i’ll be a bit more open-minded by submitting screenplays to other producers and directors with  a hope that they’d turn my imagination into reality by filming it (ok, it’s not really reality hehe… at least partly). I also want to try my luck by writing a good full-length script. I almost made it last year, but maybe it wasn’t the right time yet. Maybe 2011 is? We’ll never know. We’ll be surprised by then.
  • Get a New Job – Blogging, Traveling, Film Making… then get a new job? What’s happening? Let’s just say that my stay here in UK with my family made me change my plans. I didn’t really like the idea of working abroad before. Why go outside of the country if the opportunities are here? Yes, i have good reasons to stay in the Philippines, but like any other Filipino employee in a third world country, we are not compensated that much. When you work hard abroad, the  ‘hard work’ is being compensated well. I am now open with working abroad but i think i need to take a refresher course. I am an IT graduate, but the programming skills i once knew was deleted from my memory. It can’t even be restored from the Recycle Bin.
  • Invest on Clothes and Vanity Stuff – I still wear the same clothes over and over again. Even my mom noticed that when she was scanning my travel albums. I personally believe that shopping is not for me and i hate it. I am not into the make-up stuff as well, but my mom says i need to work on it because i am no longer a teenager. This needs more more more effort for me to fully accomplish it. Yes, it also needs extra money to purchase items.
  • Save up for European Tour 2012 – At least that is partly realistic πŸ˜› Aside from the UK, i also want to go to France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Croatia… on a summer. Winter deprived me from going out of the house LOL πŸ˜›
  • Take Driving Lessons – This is always included in the list, but i never enrolled in a Driving School 0_o. I should learn how to drive so i can be my lolo’s personal driver. I should take this one before procrastination bugs me again.
  • Have a Boyfriend – I want one even if i don’t really need one. I need a reason to update the ‘Love’ category of this blog. Kung tarantado rin lang, ‘wag na lang.

So that’s my list for this year! It’s almost the same with my 2010 goals. What are your goals for this year?


17 thoughts on “Quality Goals for 2011 (Realistic Version)

  1. The Photoblogger

    hope you are able to accomplish all your goals for 2011. Please bring back cheese from Amsterdam πŸ˜› tapos cheese party tayo! πŸ˜€

  2. xG

    plano ko rin yung european tour pero next year. good luck sa iyo! kaya mo yan. sa sobrang realistic niyan imposibleng hindi mo yan matupad. nasa iyo na ang problema kung ganon. hahaahaa

  3. orman

    natawa ako sa “invest on clothes…” kasi napansin ko rin na sa mga pics ko i wear the same shirts kahit maraming iba pang pwedeng suotin… eh kasi naman may mga fave clothes na tayo eh…

    kalurkey ang list mo sis… i hope you can attain at least 50% of them…

  4. chyng

    and now im thinking to add “have a new bf” in my to-do-list. haha
    seriously, it will come. pag anjan na, mabbwisit ka naman sa ups and downs. so right now, lets enejoy flirting? ^_^

    aantayin ko ang pagkaladkad mo Mica!

  5. Jakey Junkie The Bunny

    Splendid list!

    I don’t really have a definitive laundry list of goals for 2011, though your list kinda reminds me of the things I’d really wanna do.

    I wanna travel and do an out-of-town vacation. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Yeah.

    Aside from that, it’s just mainly about my 30-book challenge, writing stories for comic artists, and renew if not recover my blogging flame (it went out in 2009).

    Here’s to more successes for you and me!

  6. dlysen

    2011 na, at ngayon lang ulit ako napabasa dito sa blog mo. Nasa kaba? So totoo lang pag nababasa ko ang blog mo about sa lugar na pinupuntahan mo eh, parang may nag kwento sa akin kung gaanu kaganda at accommodating ang lugar na pinuntahan nyo.

  7. Robbie

    Naks naks naks! I love all your goals ha! Especially yung family and eat healthy. At yung be a flirt! Actually okay lahat yan. Mahirap lang gawin yung first steps pero kapag gagawin mo, life-changing. O ha! O ha!

    Best wishes and good luck with all yer goals Mica! πŸ˜€

  8. Philip

    Hi, friend.!
    Lol! The last one was terrific. You got the attitude right there. And that was great!
    Anyways, I’d like to say that I don’t think you need to cut on rice, you look perfectly slim.
    Goodluck on your goals this 2011. Okay see yah!

    Ah wait! Sister, there’s a typo error on your entry – the second on the list.

  9. thepinaysolobackpacker

    haha Be a flirt! gusto ko din yan! haha well, pareho tayo Mica, ako din madameng tropa na boys, but it’s ok w/ me, pero xempre kung gusto ko ayokong maging tropa lng. haha me naalala ako sa Γ’β‚¬Λœhey-come-here-letÒ€ℒs-drink-and-letÒ€ℒs-kiss-after-then-forget-what-happened-and-move-onÒ€ type of girl! haha πŸ˜‰
    Godbless sa goals mu this year! πŸ™‚

  10. Bryan Karl

    Aws may ganito ka rin pala, ngayon ko lang nakita. At nandito pa ako sa office lol.

    Good luck sa goals! Uy Feb na pero di naman too late na magsabi ako ng ‘good luck’ eh. Hehe!


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