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Returning Home and Leaving Three Days After

Due to the sudden pain on the chest and the accidental findings on my x-ray, I decided to take a leave at work and go back home to Dagupan for a few days.

Flooded ~_~

Riding the bus and sitting for five hours is not a joke. I think this is the main reason why I seldom go to Dagupan. I mean, I should be there at least once a month to check my grandparents, right? But due to the stress and bus transportation fare, I usually go there once in every three months. The last time I went home is mainly for the Search Engine Optimization lecture at Urdaneta City with Sir Gary and Mam Janette.

Anyway, I arrived there at 2pm last Sunday. I caught my grandfather working on his new HP Mini. Yes, he has a smaller and better toy than I do 🙁 He told me that he appreciates Chrome compared to Firefox because it kept on crashing everytime he attempts to attach documents in his emails and he also gave his opinion on the messy look of the layout of my blog when he’s browsing using IE. Yes, my grandfather reads my blog. I’m so dead again!

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