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Making History at the Cebu Blog Camp 2010

“Cebu Blog Camp Hangover” – That’s my status in Facebook, Plurk and Twitter yesterday. Just like the rest of the Cebu Campers who attended the first ever Cebu Blog Camp, I still can’t blog in a straight news way. I will try anyway. Or maybe not.

Nah, I'm not singing. I'm narrating my blog story here! :P

Nah, I'm not singing. I'm narrating my blog story here! πŸ˜›

For the sixth time in nine months, I found myself stepping at the Mactan International Airport last Friday. I am back in the Queen City of the South for the Cebu Blog Camp 2010. I was invited by Winston to speak about the Basics of Blogging and I immediately said yes when he mentioned about it months ago. I was sick and sleepless when I arrived, so I went straight to my hotel room to have a nap – which resulted to six hours of sleep 0_0. I missed the trip to Maribago Beach Resort because of that, so I went straight to Ayala Mall instead to finalize my presentation for the talk the next day.

So Saturday is the big day! I wasn’t able to sleep and I looked like a zombie when I ate my breakfast. I am thankful that Ate Ria was there and she did my make-up for that morning πŸ˜€ I am not really into make-ups and stuff, that’s why I am glad that Ate Ria was more than willing to help me look like a normal person for my talk teehee.

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