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Thank You for Choosing Micamyx!

The 2009 Philippine Blog Awards (Luzon) was held at PETA-PHINMA Theatre last Friday, October 9. I went to the venue straight from the office and got the chance to go around and meet some old and new faces in the blogosphere.

With Marocharim and Kel Fabie Photo By Fritz Tentativa

With Marocharim and Kel Fabie Photo By Fritz Tentativa

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who took time and voted for Micamyx.com as their choice for the Bloggers’ Choice! Honestly, I was a bit hesitant when I received a nomination from three people for the Personal category. Unfortunately, I  failed to enter the final list 😛 I received another nomination for the Bloggers’ Choice award and upon reading the requirement which is to make a post indicating your intention, I decided to give it a try. There’s no harm in trying, right? And your co-bloggers will be the ones to judge this time and yes, I really want to win =)

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Playboy Philippines turns one!

Playboy Philippines was launched last year with beauty queen Priscilla M. on the cover. The publishers received a lot of criticisms, but they were able to prove that the magazine is not as “pornographic” as what others might think it is.

Playboy Poster

Last Friday, a number of bloggers were invited at Source Bar to celebrate their first year in the market. As expected, a lot of sexy models with the signature rabbit ears were being photographed by the bloggers.

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Short Pampanga Trip of Bloggers with Auction.ph

Last Thursday, Jehzeel asked me if I would like to join them in the Inaguration of the new chairman of Auction.ph in Pampanga. I was a bit hesitant and torn between working at the office to get more offset credits and enjoying my weekend with the bloggers. Obviously, I chose the latter.

I was almost late when I arrived in the meeting place. I was happy to see Eric, Ederic, Jonel, Bong and later on Jehzeel. Together with the rest of the Auction.ph crew, we went to Clark, Pampanga.

I was surprised when I found out that the company is owned by Koreans. All the while I taught Auction is originally a Filipino company. It was a formal event and everyonewas in their smart casual attires.

It was my first time to attend a somewhat exclusive event that is comprised of Filipino and Korean officers. The Filipino Host spoke in english and later on, the Korean conterpart interprets everything.

The thing that I like most in the program is the AVP’s of the Korean officers. AVP’s of the career of the CEO of Auction Korea and the new chairman is rather inspiring than intimidating.

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