Playboy Philippines turns one!

Playboy Philippines was launched last year with beauty queen Priscilla M. on the cover. The publishers received a lot of criticisms, but they were able to prove that the magazine is not as “pornographic” as what others might think it is.

Playboy Poster

Last Friday, a number of bloggers were invited at Source Bar to celebrate their first year in the market. As expected, a lot of sexy models with the signature rabbit ears were being photographed by the bloggers.

I arrived late at the venue and I am happy to see familiar faces like Tita Jane, Sir Buddy, Azrael, Jonas Diego Jane, Sarah, Chris, Carl, Jonel, Sire, Iris, Kel and more. I am happy to finally meet Master Diwa and Mike Abundo and talked to them for a bit. I saw my i.PH Kuyas Ade, Wits and Peter (I can still see the logo whenever i see you – sorry LOL). I even won a signed poster of the anniversary issue and had a picture with the rest of the cover girls taken.


Arvin, Jonel, Mica, Jane and Kenny

Arvin, Jonel, Mica, Jane and Kenny



All in all, it was an awesome night. Me and the rest went to Banchetto for a good midnight snack. I will blog about it at Patay Gutom soon. I am hoping to spend the night at Banchetto with the rest of the Patay Gutom respondents one of these days… errr… nights! LOL


Vide by Buddy Gancenia of Philippine Wedding

Thanks to Carl Valenzona for the pictures!


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