Random Thoughts of an Uninspired Blogger

An uninspired blogger is pushing herself to write random thoughts to bring her blog groove back. There’s a dozen of pending posts at the draft section and all she does is write a short introduction, think of an awesome title and clicks the draft button. Nice. I wonder when she’ll ever publish those posts.

Where is my Pocketful of Sunshine hiding? Take me Away!

See, this uninspired blogger is turning twenty four years old. She’s been lazy, unproductive and sad the past few days and the bad thing there is she can’t really figure out why she feels that way. Is it because she’s still in-denial that she’s once again away from her family? Is it because of the sudden twist of events that made her face the bittersweet taste of reality? Is it because of the hot weather? Is it because she’s making too much excuses right now and she’s being unreasonable?

All the uninspired blogger wants right now is to be happy. She knows that happiness is a choice, but she simply feels empty right now. She wants to go out and wander, but she can’t do that for now. She wants to do a lot of things, but she can’t sort out what should be her priority. She can’t even start a decent resume because she’s not sure if she wants to go corporate again. She wants to pursue film, but she needs to accept the reality about filmmakers.

For now, she will take things slow. She knows that she’ll be ready by next month. Just last Friday, she met up with a friend whom she haven’t seen for years. It was a productive reunion and she’s glad that she was able to talk to someone who shares the same vision as hers. It felt a bit weird but exciting at the same time.

She’s not even sure on what she wants to do for her birthday. It will fall on a Friday, Rebecca Black’s day. All she hopes for now is that well-wishers will give her the inspiration to be back on track again…

Maybe giving her a plane ticket to Boracay with pocket money and funds for her next short film will do.

Or maybe… just maybe…  I dunno. I’m just uninspired narrating the thoughts of an uninspired blogger.

I/She needs to sleep. *runzzzzz*

NOTE: I’m just sad. Forgive me.


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of an Uninspired Blogger

  1. ian dela pena

    you do short films? wow…. san ko pwede makita?
    …. this sudden downhill of emotions would only bring up more stories that you would want to tell. let it be your vehicle like a roller coaster in a sea of emotions when you get to the end of the ride you’ll feel that you just want to shout and tell the world every single bit of experience you had on the ride…. parang ganun…

  2. jaydj

    awwww… cheer up Mica. You’ll get back to the groove.

    There are times I can’t get myself to blog too and I can relate about the several draft entries on blogger when you’ve tried, but couldn’t finish. Hehehehe!

    Don’t worry. It’ll come back. Just take a break for now and hope you’ll get the inspiration to blog and make your next film too.

    Cya online!

  3. Robbie

    Happiness IS a choice. Pero mahirap siya gawin lalo na kung madami nangyayari sa paligid.

    Gawin na natin yung movie ng Team West para masaya ka! Hahahaha.

  4. helen

    mukhang napaaga ang quarter life crisis mo ng isang taon… I hope you feel happier soon. With all your skills, achieving is one of your core strengths! Aja! =)

  5. Mark

    You may not believe it just now , but you really do have a great life and a HUGE part of it is still ahead of you. You are not defined as a person simply because you blog , YOU are a SUM of all your parts. Disappointment and sadness are all a part of life’s rich and varied tapestry , just as much as happiness and joy , that’s why its LIFE and why we embrace it with everything we have.You will make a film , just maybe not right now . You will find a job , and let me burst your bubble, you will have some crappy one’s along the way lol . But ultimately you will find what is right for you . And that’s the greatest journey of all….the journey of YOUR life.So strap yourself in , pick your chin up of the ground and hang on for the roller coaster ride of LIFE! Enjoy!

  6. Micamyx Post author

    Thanks everyone πŸ™‚ I’m ok now. Expect for more blog posts from me! Weeee πŸ˜€


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