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Cristine Reyes’ Billboard for Belo Medical Group

If I’m not mistaken, Cristine Reyes was chosen as one of the celebrity endorsers of Belo Medical Group before she moved to ABS-CBN. Finally, the sexy actress now has her own Belo Medical Group Billboard as seen in Guadalupe.

Cristine Reyes Belo Medical Group Billboard

Cristine Reyes is the new face of Belo in terms of promoting their newest surgical and non-surgical procedures. Expect to see more billboards, advertorials and campaigns with with Cristine’s beautiful face and sexy body in it. Truly, AA (Cristine’s nickname) is one of the hottest stars today. Last year, she was proclaimed as the sexiest pinay by FHM Philippines. Will she be able to do it again this year?

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Reminiscing Sago’s Belo Experience

I remember meeting Jonel Uy for the first time at the iBlog4 (at the Isaw stand hehe). He later on joined us at the 88db Party for Bloggers.

Sago with Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.

Sago with Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.

After a few months, he came up with a blog for his little toy named Sago. One of the first blog events Sago attended is the Belo Open House for Bloggers last August 16, 2008 at the Belo Tomas Morato Branch and Packo’s Grill. I am proud to say that I took part in organizing the said event as I used to work in the company as their Web Marketing Specialist.

It was Sago’s first event in a clinic and if I’m not mistaken, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. is Sago’s first Celebrity Pal. Isn’t he lucky?

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Make Her Happy on Valentines Day

Richard and KC

I am listening to Emma Bunton’s Free Me album as I type this entry. This morning, I received a text message from a male friend asking for some cool ideas on how to spend the 14th day of February a.k.a Valentines day with his girlfriend of three months. He wants to show extra sweetness and effort on this special day. I’ve been his love adviser for the past three years and he never failed to please his girlfriends (errr… yes, girlfriends! LOL).

Since he is bugging me over this thing, I decided to make a blog entry out of it. Here are some of my suggestions on how to make your special girl happy on the 14th:

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