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Take it Easy… Take it Easy!

Movies. Travel. Love. Life. Seven Weeks. For the past few days, I’ve been contemplating about these keywords in real life.

Take it Easy - Enjoy to the Fullest

Take it Easy – Enjoy to the Fullest

I’ve been chatting regularly with some close friends of mine whom I will call ‘Sizzy’ and ‘Badet’. Let me elaborate on what’s been bugging me lately that’s keeping me worried and anxious while in bed.

MOVIES – Last Sunday, I went to a big family reunion. I am impressed with the achievements of my relatives and it is good to know that some of them are known names in their respective fields. I saw some politicians, celebrities, chefs and a blogger named Mica (LOLWHUT). Family reunions never fail to amaze me and how I find it hard to talk and introduce myself to most of them. I am shy in real-life.

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The Wrangler Road Trip Notes

SIQUIJOR is one of the places in the Philippines that only a few people would dare to visit way back. Blame it on the media hype about the Balete tree and horror flicks with it as the prime location, it somewhat drove our kababayans away from this beautiful island.


Life is like a Wrangler Road Trip

I have to admit that I am one of those who would think twice to visit Siquijor, but I am truly curious about it. I’m lucky to have met Dylan, a travel blogger who was born and raised in Siquijor. I read some of his blog entries related to Siquijor and he narrated some stories about the beauty of his hometown when we met last December in Moalboal. I asked him if the stories about Siquijor were true. He told me that he doesn’t believe in such things and he only found out about the so-called legend when he saw the Halloween Special of Magandang Gabi, Bayan about the Balete Tree.

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This is my December – Excited and Thankful

HELLO DECEMBER! Wow, that fast? I recall that around this time last year, I was busy doing some last minute preparations for my trip to the UK. Instead of buying new clothes for the winter season, I shopped for Filipino goodies like Lucky Me Pansit Canton, Boy Bawang, Likas Papaya Soap, Cebu Dried Mangoes, Goldilocks Polvoron and so on. My friends also prepared a mini-despedida for me. I didn’t really know what to expect and I don’t have concrete plans at all. You know, the possibility of me staying there for good and meeting my now teen brother Carlo after many years.

Now accepting Christmas presents hehe 😛

I passed that challenge already and right now, I am here in a coffee shop somewhere in Dagupan City waiting for my high school classmates whom I haven’t seen in years.  Yikes. I’m nervous. Weird feeling is weird LOL.

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