The Wrangler Road Trip Notes

SIQUIJOR is one of the places in the Philippines that only a few people would dare to visit way back. Blame it on the media hype about the Balete tree and horror flicks with it as the prime location, it somewhat drove our kababayans away from this beautiful island.


Life is like a Wrangler Road Trip

I have to admit that I am one of those who would think twice to visit Siquijor, but I am truly curious about it. I’m lucky to have met Dylan, a travel blogger who was born and raised in Siquijor. I read some of his blog entries related to Siquijor and he narrated some stories about the beauty of his hometown when we met last December in Moalboal. I asked him if the stories about Siquijor were true. He told me that he doesn’t believe in such things and he only found out about the so-called legend when he saw the Halloween Special of Magandang Gabi, Bayan about the Balete Tree.

Kagusuan Beach

Kagusuan Beach – One of the Beaches of Siquijor

The photos of Siquijor found in other travel websites is just too enchanting. I wanna go there! I told Dylan that I would like to visit Siquijor Island this year while I still can. I am not really sure on where I’ll be months from now, but I would like to explore some places in the Philippines while I still can take such holidays – Siquijor included. Actually, it is on the top of my list. That time, I was also drafting a trip with my girl friends (Cebu-Bohol-Dumaguete-Siquijor). Their previous work commitments deprived them from joining me to the Siquijor leg. I am just happy when Dylan offered to tour me around the mysterious hometown of his and the fact that I’ll experience the place as a local made me more excited.

I still have a lot of backlogs to work on at my travel blog that’s why I am writing this post here now. Siquijor did surprise me in a lot of ways. First, the beautiful white sand beaches. If I experienced Temple Overload in Siem Reap, I can say that I’ve gone through a good beach overload in Siquijor. I went to the developed ones (meaning clean and being maintained by resorts etc.) and the undeveloped ones, or should I say the part where fishermen would flock to. We also did a little bit of resort-hopping, which relived my desire to have my own resort soon. I think almost all of the resorts we visited are owned by foreigners. It is also funny to observe that most of the tourists spotted in Siquijor are foreigners. They seem to have fun exploring this island without worrying about the creepy things the media once fed the Pinoy televiewers.

Field Trip

Family Outing or Kiddie Field Trip? πŸ˜›

It is true though that the night life of Siquijor is not as lively compared to other places. I managed to fix my body clock when I stayed there. The people, especially the relatives of Dylan reminded me of things that I miss in my life. I miss being pampered with utmost care and I simply felt at ease when I got there. I feel at home. It feels like home in a hopeful place. Truly overwhelming.

This trip served as an eye-opener for me even if I am 10x darker now LOL. Aside from the beautiful sceneries (soooo many unexplored caves, waterfalls, beaches etc!), I can say that it inspired me to pursue what I am really passionate about.


Just hop in and enjoy the ride!

The Wrangler Road Trip is something that I will always remember even if I am not the one driving. I am just a happy passenger. Life is like a Wrangler Road Trip – Just keep on driving even if you meet a lot of obstacles along the way. Add the fact that you will feel the ‘pain’ of driving a manual transportation. It might rain and the sun may shine so bright but as long as you’re enjoying the scenery and appreciate everything you see along the way, you will have a good memorable ride =)


15 thoughts on “The Wrangler Road Trip Notes

  1. Renz Bulseco

    I still remember the Balete Tree ep ng MGB Halloween Special, tangina ilang buwan din akong di nakatulog ng dahil dun! Pero when we went there, ang saya lang! Libreng fish spa pa!

  2. dong ho

    inggit na naman ako niyan. ganda pa naman ng kagusuan beach.

    ” Just keep on driving even if you meet a lot of obstacles along the way” – tamang tama sa lenten season.

  3. doi

    wow! mukhang nag enjoy ka talaga sa trip mo mica! i hope to go back to Siquijor someday too and tour the entire island. di kasi namin na tour lahat when we went there last year. hehe

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Renz – Haha oo nga scary talaga yung episode na yun! Naalala ko sinara pa talaga ng papa ko yung ilaw para lalo ako takutin lol. Isa daw yung reminder na wag dapat ako labas ng labas ng bahay. =)) Hindi ako masyadong nakapag-fish pa moment sa balete dahil yung Cabugahay Falls ang kinarir namin =))

    @Dong Ho – Nakapag-Siquijor ka na Dom? Ganda dun hehe. Very timely din itong entry ko for lenten season πŸ˜€

    @Doi – Super enjoy! Hehe parang sa lagay na yan ata kalahati pa lang na-explore ko lol pero super beach overload. Saya sa Siquijor bibilhin ko yung buong isla pag yumaman ako char

    @Ken – Sana πŸ™‚

    @Drew- Punta ka ng Siquijor Drew! For sure mage-enjoy ka lalo na sa beaches nila. Super win!

  5. Doc Wends

    I love Siquijor. I and my siblings as well as our family take vacation here since we got relatives on the island. Dad’s side owns a strip of white beach in Sandugan, near Larena and it is our haven. I love it there and wanting to come back, now as a travel blogger.

    Thanks you did enjoy Mica! πŸ™‚

  6. Dylan

    Life really is really like our wrangler road trip Mica!
    Ang dami palang nangyari dun… parang life lang din. hahaha.
    Ang dami rin nating hindi pa naexplore. lol

    You are always welcome sa Siquijor Mica. πŸ™‚

  7. Micamyx Post author

    @Doc Wends – That’s good to hear, Doc Wends! I’m sure you’ll love Siquijor more on your comeback trip. Gusto ko magpatayo ng resort doon soon hehe and the fact na you have a relative na may beachfront property means you’re lucky πŸ˜€ Baka isa yun sa mga nadaanan namin pero di lang namin alam hehe πŸ˜›

    @Olan – Have fun Kuya Olan! πŸ˜€

    @Dylan – Thanks Dylan! Thanks for this wonderful trip. Gusto ko na ngang bumalik dyan hehe so much to explore pa πŸ˜€

    @Jesus – Tama! Hehe. I still need to explore my beloved province. I will soon…. dapat the soonest talaga hehe πŸ˜€

  8. Quinne Ann Agan

    nice blog! mica πŸ™‚ korek! blame the media! masyado nilang hina hype ang mga tao about Siquijor without knowing the real paradise of Siquijor! Born and raised in Siquijor, wala man lang akong nakitang kapre! hahahahahaahaha. Theres no place like Siquijor, been far away for how many years, pero the best pa rin ang isla del fuego! Good job classmate Dylan! Hope next reunion i can join na! πŸ™‚

  9. Micamyx Post author

    @Yoshke – Syempre, libre ka ng stay hehe basta i-blog at i-promote mo sa Yoshke, TPT at LOL πŸ˜›

    @Quinne – Thanks for the comment! Hehe I really love Siquijor! Balik ka na rin soon hehe

    @Jerro – Yahoo! Apir!


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