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CONTEST ALERT: Thank You, Global Pinoy! – The Yellow Bag Award

There is a saying that our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are the heroes of today. In Filipino, sila ang mga makabagong bayani. Trying your luck in a foreign country to secure a family’s future is not easy at all. I’ve witnessed some of our kababayans abroad (UK, Malaysia, Singapore) who are working hard so that they can send some money to their families back in the Philippines. Do you think leaving your husband, children or parents is easy?

Yellow Bag Prize for the Global Pinoy!

I think almost every Filipino knows an OFW. I am proud to say that my mom is one of them and I do appreciate her sacrifices in order to give me and my brother a good life. She left the country six years ago and it is a decision that I didn’t agree on at first, but I learned to accept that it is a need especially with my brother’s condition. I went there last year and the scenarios being depicted in some of our OFW-related movies like Milan, Caregiver and Anak do happen in real life.

Whether we admit it or not, there are some instances wherein we fail to make them feel appreciated. Worse, we seldom say ‘Thank You’. Some only remember their OFW relative when they need money for school or health expenses. We only remember them when we need something. All they need is a little love and appreciation from the recipients of their hard-earned money.

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CONTEST ALERT: Join the Western Union World Network Challenge! (UPDATED!)

I am a regular client of Western Union (i guess most bloggers know why *winks*) and it is such a relief that you can spot a stall not only within the Philippines, but also abroad. Now, it is easier to send and receive money from any part of the world anytime without much hassle! As long as you have your MCTN number with you and the right identification cards, you will surely receive your moolah.

In line with this, Western Union is sponsoring a contest! It is simply called the Western Union World Network Challenge.

Western Union World Network Challenge

^Found above is a screenshot of my very own Western Union Network screenshot. It’s fun to know that I managed to keep a number of Facebook contacts from different parts of the globe. How I wish I can visit each country soon! Hehe.

I am giving a way a shopping gift certificate worth Php 2,000 courtesy of Western Union. All you have to do is follow these mechanics:

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CONTEST ALERT! Join Oishi Ridges’ Tambayang Magiliw Video Contest

Grand vacation with the whole Barkada to Boracay for free this summer. Is that even possible? Well, the good news is YES!

Oishi Ridges' Tambayang Magiliw

Oishi Ridges, our favorite katambay snack (available in Onion and Garlic, Cheese, Cheese and Garlic, Barbeque, and Wasabi.) just launched its own video contest. All you have to do is shoot a video with your friends and get the chance to win tempting galaan weekly prizes! The grand prize is a FREE TRIP TO BORACAY! Exciting, right?

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