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CONTEST ALERT: Join the Western Union World Network Challenge! (UPDATED!)

I am a regular client of Western Union (i guess most bloggers know why *winks*) and it is such a relief that you can spot a stall not only within the Philippines, but also abroad. Now, it is easier to send and receive money from any part of the world anytime without much hassle! As long as you have your MCTN number with you and the right identification cards, you will surely receive your moolah.

In line with this, Western Union is sponsoring a contest! It is simply called the Western Union World Network Challenge.

Western Union World Network Challenge

^Found above is a screenshot of my very own Western Union Network screenshot. It’s fun to know that I managed to keep a number of Facebook contacts from different parts of the globe. How I wish I can visit each country soon! Hehe.

I am giving a way a shopping gift certificate worth Php 2,000 courtesy of Western Union. All you have to do is follow these mechanics:

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