CONTEST ALERT: Thank You, Global Pinoy! – The Yellow Bag Award

There is a saying that our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are the heroes of today. In Filipino, sila ang mga makabagong bayani. Trying your luck in a foreign country to secure a family’s future is not easy at all. I’ve witnessed some of our kababayans abroad (UK, Malaysia, Singapore) who are working hard so that they can send some money to their families back in the Philippines. Do you think leaving your husband, children or parents is easy?

Yellow Bag Prize for the Global Pinoy!

I think almost every Filipino knows an OFW. I am proud to say that my mom is one of them and I do appreciate her sacrifices in order to give me and my brother a good life. She left the country six years ago and it is a decision that I didn’t agree on at first, but I learned to accept that it is a need especially with my brother’s condition. I went there last year and the scenarios being depicted in some of our OFW-related movies like Milan, Caregiver and Anak do happen in real life.

Whether we admit it or not, there are some instances wherein we fail to make them feel appreciated. Worse, we seldom say ‘Thank You’. Some only remember their OFW relative when they need money for school or health expenses. We only remember them when we need something. All they need is a little love and appreciation from the recipients of their hard-earned money.

For three consecutive years, Toblerone Philippines had been launching some campaigns related to saying ‘Thank You’. This year, it is time for us to recognize some of our dear Overseas Filipino Workers through the Thank You Global Pinoy project.

The Thank You Global Pinoy (TYGP) is a project supported by Toblerone, Commission on Filipinos Overseas (Office of the President) and Duty Free Philippines. We should thank the Global Pinoys, because they are deserving of our gratitude because of all the time and effort they put in for their families and the country as well. Global Pinoys have a lot of reasons to say thank you – thank you to their families for accepting their absence, thank you to their relatives and friends for helping to take care of their families.

I would like to inform everyone about the Special Rewards Passport:

  • Special passport coupons that includes additional incentives shall be given to Overseas Filipino Workers who purchase the PasPack bundle.
  • Each Special Rewards Passport will allow the Global Pinoy to redeem gifts and special discounts from partner establishments depending on the mechanics provided by each partner.  A total of  Php10,000 worth of perks will be given to each passport coupon bearer.

I am a supporter of this simple yet meaningful advocacy. Say Thank You to our beloved Global Pinoy with extra sweetness!

Toblerone, the ambassador of gratitude, wants to encourage Filipinos to remember all the wonderful people who have helped them in their lives.

If there were someone special you could thank right now, who would it be?

Help us celebrate!

Tell us who they are and where they live. We will video them as we welcome them upon arrival at the airport with a Toblerone Thank You Present (Toblerone Thank You chocolate bouquet) and a special message from you.

Send your entry to and post it to the comments page of the blog post. NOTE: Do not forget to indicate in your email that you’re joining the contest hosted by MICAMYX.COM!

  • Deadline of Submission of entries: November 15, 2011
  • Delivery of Thank You Bouquet:  November 15 to December 20, 2011

Once I’ve selected the winner, we will contact them and the balikbayan needs to reply with the following details: Name of entrant, Mobile, Name of nominee, Email address and Arrival date (with complete flight schedule of arrival).

It is about time that we give a simple token of gratitude to our hardworking loved ones. Nominate them now and I will be selecting one winner by November 15. Make someone happy! Join now! Don’t forget to join the Toblerone Thank You Global Pinoy Facebook page for updates


2 thoughts on “CONTEST ALERT: Thank You, Global Pinoy! – The Yellow Bag Award

  1. Lourlita Antipolo

    name of balikbayan: Renesse Antipolo
    from: London, UK

    Renesse Antipolo is my mother, she studies and works in a child care center in United Kingdom.

    to my mom,
    I know you are working very hard for us and we will also work hard too for you. We love you so much, you are the BEST MOM in the world!!! We love you mommy!

    from your pinakamagandang daughter,

    I am joining the contest hosted by MYCAMYX.COM


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