Movie Review: So It’s You

First attempt: Originally planned to watch the movie in Manila alone when one of my friends convinced me to watch ‘Last Vegas’ instead so we can go to the cinema together when we’re both available.

One of my favorite moments in the movie. Sana ako na lang si Carla :))

One of my favorite moments in the movie. Sana ako na lang si Carla :))

Second Attempt: My friend Ruby and I were already in Robinson’s Pangasinan when the lady at the cinema told me that Cinema 1 encountered a technical glitch and that the movie won’t be shown that day. I even asked if they can move the film to Cinema 2, 3 or 4, but they couldn’t do it since Spiderman, Godzilla and a horror film had moviegoers on it already.

I was a bit frustrated because I really want to watch it. I am not a super duper big fan of any of the cast members, but the trailer is just too cool! I want to watch a romance-comedy and Jun Lana is one of my favorite directors, whether that’s a mainstream or indie movie project.

Third Attempt: Spent the weekend in Davao for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. I was pleased when I saw ‘So It’s You’ on the list of movies shown at SM Lanang Premier. The gang decided to watch ‘The Other Woman’ on Monday night and I was determined to watch ‘So It’s You’ on Tuesday afternoon before my flight back to Manila.  What is dedication? Haha!

So there. I bought my ticket and went straight to a vacant seat.

After 30 minutes – Brownout.

After 30 more minutes- Another brownout!

It was like destiny is telling me not to watch this movie anymore, but I was too curious to care.

It is no secret that Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana rose to fame via ‘My Husband’s Lover’ last year. Of course, people were rooting for Tom’s partnership with the ever-handsome Dennis Trillo. The TomDen tandem is just too irresistable! It even reached the point wherein they recorded an album together. Up to this day, people are hoping for a Book 2 or at least a reunion movie to the two actors.

What about TomCar? Tom Rodriguez appeared on several movies mostly playing second lead like in Temptation Island and Here Comes The Bride. Carla Abellana is a Regal favorite and let’s be honest – her last movie ‘Third Eye’ didn’t do well in the box-office. Partnering her up with Ejay Falcon is not a good move (Please don’t do it again, Mother Lily!).

The trailer showed a lighter side of Tom and Carla. The two were often seen in crying scenes in My Husband’s Lover.  Will they do good in a romance-comedy?

Instagram update? Check! #OOTD

Instagram update? Check! #OOTD

The answer is a big YES. I can say that ‘So Its You’ is one of the best Pinoy romance-comedies I’ve ever seen.  Carla Abellana as Lira is the type of protagonist whom you’d love to succeed in the end. She is rich, sweet, sheltered and uhm, too fashionista with a big heart. Unlike the usual rich leading ladies in movies, Lira is simply nice, and a hopeless romantic.

Hi Tom! Out of town tayo? Char!

Hi Tom! Out of town tayo? Char!

Tom Rodriguez as Goryo is so lovable. You will really root for him mainly because he is sincerely a good person! He is the type of person that is quite hard to find nowadays. Yes, he has a deaf-mute son in the movie, but he is responsible and very humble.

Paolo Ballesteros is the new beki bestie ng bayan! Daydream din pag may time!

Paolo Ballesteros is the new beki bestie ng bayan! Daydream din pag may time!

The supporting cast members were superb. Paolo Ballesteros as the gay bestfriend is a riot. He reminded me of a close friend of mine. Kevin Santos as the closet gay older brother of Carla also had his moments. Can’t help but giggle on the scene wherein he secretly collected Miss Universe DVDs. The love angle of Paulo and Kevin deserves a full-length film!

JC De Vera suddenly became ABS-CBN’s newest hot leading man because of The Legal Wife and Moon of Desire. He is a good ‘panggulo’ in the movie as he and Carla look good together too. Gee Canlas as JC’s Fiancee provided good comic moments and I suddenly felt sorry for her character towards the end. I wish though that they’ve given her more screen time. Joey Marquez and Arlene Muhlach were cute as Lira’s parents. Even Leo Martinez, Bangs Garcia and Marc Justine Alvarez were good in their short but memorable scenes.

JC De Vera, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez

JC De Vera, Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez

So Its You provided a good balance of comedy and drama scenes. The kilig factor is scattered throughout the film. There’s something about Tom Rodriguez’ eyes that will make you really fall for him or wish he’s beside you while watching the movie. Ideal Man ftw!

Cinematography is good and I can say that the movie is very ‘colorful’. Direk Jun Lana should do more mainstream romance-comedies. I loved My Neighbor’s Wife and Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, but I want him to make more mainstream romance-comedies. I want more movies like this one and…. Gigil. Yes. I like the movie Gigil 😛

I love the Shoes, Wolkswagen and Instagram insinuations 😛

I am not sure if this review is posted too late since the movie is now on its third week, but I want everyone to know that watching this movie is worth it. From Manila to Pangasinan to Davao ba naman? Buti na lang at sulit ang effort!

Can’t wait for the next romance-comedy film from Regal Films! I have high expectations now. 😛

Have you seen the movie ‘So It’s You’? What can you say about it?


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