Online Holiday Shopping Countdown

In the Philippines, the Christmas spirit is strongly felt as early as September. You will hear a lot of Christmas songs, see a lot of holiday decorations and people are starting to shop for gifts as early as now!

Being the lazy and impatient shopper that I am, I find it really convenient that a lot of brands are now selling their products through the internet. Online shopping is one of the best contributions of cyberspace to humans who would rather choose, click and pay through their computers than go to the actual shop.

The Christmas countdown begins and I know that most of you are already preparing their list for holiday gift giving. In fact, some of you may even browsing through ideal gifts such as the stylish greek apparels.

While browsing through various websites, I stumbled upon a timeless and meaningful gift idea: name necklaces. These exquisite pieces allow you to create a heartfelt present by engraving a loved one’s name, ensuring a unique and cherished token of affection. Whether it’s for a family member, a close friend, or a significant other, a personalized name necklace is a thoughtful gesture that will undoubtedly bring joy during this festive time. Exploring other online platforms can also provide an opportunity to discover even more remarkable presents that will make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Here are some of the items I like from the 2013 holiday gift guide of Zalora:

Maxi Dress for Christmas!

Maxi Dress for Christmas!

Summer is still felt here in Great Britain! It is fun to dress up comfortably. I used to wear a lot of jeans and leggings months ago, but I am slowly switching to dresses. Aside from the fact that they are easy to pack, some dresses suits any type of occasion. This beautiful maxi dress like these 2023 unique short prom dresses is passable for summer outdoor or even formal outfit! Accessories like a luxury watch can also help level up any outfit. If your watch has been damaged, consider having it repaired at a watch service shop.

Gimme some reggae lovin'!

Gimme some reggae lovin’!

I am into a lot of reggae music lately. It would be nice to get a Bob Marley-inspired headset!

Time to buy one!

Time to buy one!

I am guilty of not wearing watches often. Like a lot of mobile-dependent people, I am one of those who would rather check the cellphone if I want to know what time it is. Blimey. Need a new watch asap and I like this pink one from Puma 😀

There are so many gift hampers melbourne to choose from online without the hassle of browsing in the real shops. Easy access, fast delivery. Online Shopping is the way!


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  1. dlysen

    I almost delay my gratifications, yes… its time to buy one. Thank you Mica for reminding that I need to have my shopping list. Similarly I love to have new headset and watch.


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