Blow Your Hair Back On A New League of Super Cruises

Cruise liners have the reputation for catering for a certain clientèle, namely the over 60’s crowd. However, there are plenty of cruises that tick all of the boxes with interesting and fun activities for all ages. If you love the idea of a cruise, but you’re worried about being bored, here are some excellent reasons to escape onto the open sea.

Pacific Dawn lots of on board entertainment

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Forget about napkin folding and ice-sculpting, nowadays you can learn about things in your spare time on the ship. Many cruise liners offer lectures and esteemed guest speakers talking about esoteric subjects like astronomy, history, music, digital photography, personal investment and more. The Fred Olsen cruise ship offers guests the opportunity to hear the inside story on famous true crimes, by Detective Inspector Clifford Wrate.

Chill Out Options

For travellers who want nothing more than to lay in peace and quiet for the duration of the trip, most cruise liners have numerous sun decks that optimise the opportunities for tanning and devouring books.

For a more hands on approach to relaxation, enlist the help of a heavenly masseuse who can knead away your troubles with nimble hands, while you watch the sun go down on the upper deck. Most cruises offer the full range of spa and wellness treatments including sauna, spa, facials, hot stone massages, manicures, and so on. As well as these traditional therapies, many ships have lunch time cosmetic treatments available such as teeth whitening, Botox, Restylane and Perlane that’s administered by a trained Physician.

Access to some of the more basic spa services may be included in the cruise price, such as the sauna, pool and spa. However, the more advanced services normally attract a fee.

Centrum Entertainment

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Get Creative

Many ships offer opportunities to learn a new skill: for instance, you can become familiar with guitar or piano under the guidance of music teachers, or even participate in an acting workshop with a highly regarded dramatic art school. You’ll also often be able to find elaborate test kitchens and opportunities to study fine dining techniques with esteemed chefs. Some ships have an on-board sommelier, who offers wine appreciation classes and wine tasting for an additional fee.

If you’re considering cruise holidays, 2014 and 2015 look to offer the widest range of destinations, activities and chill out opportunities yet! The range of activities on cruise ships nowadays would surprise and delight even the most hardened cynic.

* Catherine Lawson is one of the most dedicated cruise fans in Britain. Having sailed the seven seas aboard over 25 diffferent cruise ships in her life, she shares her knowledge of the industry with like-minded travellers.


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