Let There Be Love!

Christina Aguilera just released a simple yet heartfelt music video for the song ‘Let There Be Love’. The song automatically gives me good vibes! I don’t know why it took her so long to release it as a single, but better late than never!

Christina Aguilera is not the main point of this post, but I'm spreading the LOVE!

Christina Aguilera is not the main point of this post, but I’m spreading the LOVE!

Anyway, this post is not really about Christina Aguilera (although I am planning to write one soon). I want to write this quick post while I have the momentum to do so.

I feel happy and blessed with all the love and appreciation I’ve been receiving especially from my family. It feels great to get daily hugs from my mom and my brother. I know that my father is watching over us. I can also sense that he is proud of what we’ve become.

My mom just turned 51 the other Sunday and it turned out to be a very good celebration. I missed her 50th birthday, but made up on the 51st. Although I am not the birthday celebrant, I got overwhelmed with the overflowing food, gifts and the love from her friends. I truly admire my mom so much and I will do anything for her. I will fight for her. She is the best mom in the world!

Carlo may be a teenager now, but he is still my baby brother. He will always be! It is quite fulfilling on my part to get involved in some of his school activities and watch as he progresses into a better person. He can cook and do errands on his own now. Having a family member who has autism will give you that utmost patience and understanding. Every progress he makes is like winning in a lottery. That’s how happy I am with every single development.

There are so many things that happened to me the past few months. The main highlight of which has something to do with my family and some childhood dreams of mine dug out of a time capsule. It’s never too late to relive the dream and do something about it!

I also noticed that most of my closest friends are getting married. The first one was a high school ‘sisteret’, then last May it was my college bestfriend and in a few days, my one and only badet is about to tie the knot with the man she truly loves. I am happy for them and I feel all the love surrounding them. Let’s just say that in every wedding I witnessed, the ceremonies and reception time made me believe in true love again. I am still a firm believer of marriage no matter how some relationships end up now. Call me idealistic, but at least I am hopeful! There are also a lot of living testimonies around me to prove it. There’s my grandparents and even the love story of my own parents have a good impact on how I view love. Amidst this wave of celebrations, I’ve also come to realize that love’s expression can take many forms, even in wedding attire, untraditional wedding dress, for instance, speak volumes about a bride’s individuality and personal style. Just as every love story is unique, these dresses allow the bride to stand out in a way that feels genuine to her. They paint a picture of a love that dares to be bold, distinct, and true to itself, much like the couples I’ve had the privilege to witness saying their vows.

True Love. Ah, there’s a big probably that I finally found it…. I hope this is it 🙂


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