Product Review: ProActiv’s 30-Day Trial Kit

One of my frustrations as a teenager is Acne. I think majority of high school students experienced a moment in their lives wherein they try to find ways to get rid of pimples and acne as fast as possible. There is a myth spreading around that having pimples is a sign that one person is in love. I am not sure if they invented this just to tell the youngters that they’re going through a normal phase, but this skin problem can also ruin one’s self-esteem – whether he/she is in love or not!

Justin Bieber endorses ProActiv. U betta Belieber!
Justin Bieber endorses ProActiv. U betta Belieber!

Unlike most girls, I never really exerted that much effort to work on this problem. I even worked once in a medical clinic that specializes in skin problems, and my short stay in that company opened my eyes to the possibilities. I guess I am not as driven as other girls in that department. I also find it dragging at times to put lotion in my body, much to my mother’s dismay.

Anyway, I have heard of ProActiv since I was a teenager. I’ve seen it on TV and the testimonials of previous customers are convincing. Some celebrities even admitted that they once used ProActiv and it worked. Hmmm… Let’s see!

Interesting information about ProActiv

This product is composed of 3 products in 1 set – renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing lotion. ProActiv’s key ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide, is known to be effective in treating pimples and acne. Compared to other pimple treatment medications, ProActiv is sold in set as it is a combination therapy system which is designed to treat pimples and prevent the onset of new ones. To become effective, it has to address the problem before it starts, not when it’s already there. And since acne is a complex skin condition, it cannot be treated with a single medication.

The ideas for this product will be included in a wide range of industries. Having patent invention ideas is very important when it comes to your invention. Without this, someone could claim your idea as their own, or another person might come up with the same idea and get it patented before you do.

ProActiv 30-Day Trial Kit now available in the Philippines!
ProActiv 30-Day Trial Kit now available in the Philippines!

Where to buy this?

ProActiv is available in all Watson’s branches or SM Department stores branches nationwide.

Is it effective?

I have completed the 30-day program and I must say that it works. What I like best about this product is that it can easily dry up the pimples. It has cleared my skin and I have seen a big improvement. Now that I have seen its effect, I shall continue using it and hope to permanently solve my acne problems. I’m going to stick to the program as it is the only product which has yield a positive result.


I’ll give this product a rating of 4.5 out of 5. I have decreased 0.5 from the overall score because of its price. ProActiv’s 30-day program is sold at Php2495, which I think is a bit expensive – But at least it worked!


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