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Product Review: ProActiv’s 30-Day Trial Kit

One of my frustrations as a teenager is Acne. I think majority of high school students experienced a moment in their lives wherein they try to find ways to get rid of pimples and acne as fast as possible. There is a myth spreading around that having pimples is a sign that one person is in love. I am not sure if they invented this just to tell the youngters that they’re going through a normal phase, but this skin problem can also ruin one’s self-esteem – whether he/she is in love or not!

Justin Bieber endorses ProActiv. U betta Belieber!
Justin Bieber endorses ProActiv. U betta Belieber!

Unlike most girls, I never really exerted that much effort to work on this problem. I even worked once in a medical clinic that specializes in skin problems, and my short stay in that company opened my eyes to the possibilities. I guess I am not as driven as other girls in that department. I also find it dragging at times to put lotion in my body, much to my mother’s dismay.

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