Four Years After College…

I left my favorite tambayan at 12:01 AM and on my way home, I checked my beloved N70 phone (Yes, i had it fixed!). I smiled upon reading the reminder I added four years ago with the text “Graduation :)”

Iser, Me and Edmon Four Years Ago 🙂

Wow. It’s been four years? FOUR YEARS?!

As a student, one of my professors told me that I looked like a ‘Rebel with a Cause’. Dumbfounded with his impression towards me, he explained that I am the type of person who will do whatever she wants especially when she knows she’s right. Well, that is partly true 😛

I love performing and if given the chance, I would love to dance again. I became a member of the LNU Dance Troupe when I was in first year mostly performing jazz music. It was a challenge for me to shift from ‘modern’ to jazz, which is a bit more sensual and the movements are a bit exaggerated. We were required to wear sexy outfits in most of our presentation and because of that experience, I became a bit more confident – at least on stage LOL.

Due to the influences of some of my beloved college buddies, I suddenly became a student leader of some sorts by joining a number of worthy projects in school. Juggling studies and extra-curricular activities is not really easy, but if you are surrounded by wonderful people who knows how to work and at the same time have fun, then you’re in the right company.

While most of my classmates were satisfied in having their OJT in Pangasinan, I decided to do mine in Manila. The Dagupena went to Manila summer of 2007 for her OJT. Boom. Now that I saw the ‘real world’ of programmers in big companies, I then decided that this set-up is good, but it is not for me. The biggest challenge is not the work itself, but commuting. I am glad that I met some friends there and two of them are bloggers too (found out after a year when we bumped into each other in iBlog4 LOL).

Did you know that my expected graduation month is March 2008? Instead of four years, I took up BS in Information Technology at my beloved alma mater for 3 1/2 years. One semester advance and it is all an accident.

When I was in first year college, I became closer to those student leaders from other departments and one of them (Kuya Kerwin) is an ECE student and he’s a scholar too. He told me that he enrolled extra units and he is taking up summer classes for him to graduate ahead of time. Out of curiosity, I did the same thing LOL. Instead of the normal 23 units, I took up 26 plus the extra curricular activities that I prioritize more over my academics (Discrete Math ruined my academic ambition LOL). I wasn’t bitten by the travel bug in college so I devoted two summers attending minor classes. I cannot say that I am the ideal student, but I am not bad either. It is obvious though that I am wanna graduate right away so I can apply for a job and earn decent moolah.

Here are some random thoughts in my mind right now – Four years after college:

Your Job is NOT your Life – Mentioned this a lot of times here, right? It’s true. Your job title doesn’t define who you are and one must not feel bad or incompetent when he/she loses it. You may not be the best in your corporate job, but you can still be the best daughter to your parents or the best girlfriend to your lover. Do I make sense? I hope so LOL.

Enjoy Your College Life – Don’t be afraid to audition at the school choir or dance troupe. Show your interest when you want to be a student leader. Submit that original literary work of yours if you wanna be published on the school paper. Enjoy and be a student not just relying on books, but learning through experience.

Don’t Feel Bad When You’re Not in a Relationship – Honestly, it cannot be avoided. There were times wherein I wished that I had a boyfriend too. I admit that I did long for that affection especially when I see students HWHW with their jowas or simply showing intimacy to each other. It is important that you DO NOT DEPEND YOUR HAPPINESS to your partner. Don’t mind your classmates when they tease you that you’re single. Tingnan niyo… after college, break na rin sila  at papalit-palit pa sila ng jowa.

Don’t Be Intimidated With Other Schools – The biggest dilemma of most fresh graduates from the province is the competition in the corporate world. The most important lesson I  learned is – Wala sa school ‘yan, nasa diskarte. #walalang. ‘Wag panghinaan ng loob!

Graduation is NOT the end of the challenge – It is only the beginning.

Goodnight 🙂


5 thoughts on “Four Years After College…

  1. Robbie

    Mas nauna ka nag-graduate sakin! 3 years pa lang ako. Next year na ako gagawa ng ganito. Wahahaha. But yes, Rebel without a Cause ka! Pak na pak! Parehas tayo kaya tayo magkasundo. Hehehehe.

    Graduation really IS the beginning of the challenge. And dyusme naman napakahirap naman ng challenge na itey!!!! Kelangan na talaga magpasikat at magpayaman para magka-papa!

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Robbie – Kaya pala tayo magkasundo, teh! Hehe pareho din tayong may tendency na mag-procrastinate or mag-super work.

    Oo nga! Work hard for more money to attract a good-looking papa! gumaganun eh haha 😛

    @Japoy – Thanks 😀

  3. Bryan Amparo

    Wala sa school ‘yan, nasa diskarte.

    Yan din lagi sinasabi nung nasa college pa ako (BTW, I’m from Polytechnic University of the Philippines) dahil lagi kaming kinikumpara sa mga IT graduates ng Ateneo, Mapua at UP. Pero I realized din na wala sa school yan. Basta ang iniisip ko na lang, gagalingan ko para ipagmalaki rin ako ng aking sintang paaralan.

    Tsaka hindi lahat naituturo sa loob ng eskwelahan. Sa case ko, IT rin ako, pero heto ako, nagfi-feeling musikero :)) Yung trabaho ko sa IT industry ang itinutustos ko sa musical ambitions ko :))


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