What’s Up, Body Clock?

It’s 6:45AM and majority starts to wake up and prepare for school or work. Me? Well.. I am about to sleep.

I am not working in a call center that requires me to work on graveyard shifts. I also don’t have any clients now from the US or UK to talk or chat with. For the past few hours, i’ve been reading blogs and trying to write on another publishing site. Did I have a productive day… errrr night?

PLEASE SLEEP. PLEASE |Photo Source: http://www.cheechingy.com/

Yesterday, i slept at 9:30AM and woke up for lunch. Went back to bed afterwards and woke up at 6:30pm. I know most would say ‘lucky you!’ or ‘i envy your life!’

But hey, don’t.

My unusual sleeping pattern is making me feel sad at times. Being isolated in your room just working on your blog entries without real individuals to talk to at the dark hours of the day makes me feel so alone. Literally, i am alone.

I also noticed that my productivity decreased. I also get annoyed easily especially when I am being bombarded with too much questions. I am solely working on my blogs now and pay less attention to other ‘real’ things. I have a dental appointment scheduled for this afternoon and supposedly, i have something to claim in Makati. Been cancelling it for weeks already and my lame reason is ‘I don’t have enough sleep’.

My sleeping problem started three years ago when I left my first job. It was a stressful moment for me because losing a job after a supposedly ‘happy’ Christmas party is not ideal LOL. You know when you’re 21 and new in the corporate setting, you are so afraid to lose your job and have no moolah to spend. Back then, I have some good blogger friends who showed me more ways to earn money online and most of them work on the ‘graveyard shift’. I adapted that until now…. yes, even if i worked as an Editorial Staff in an Entertainment tabloid, my earliest sleeping time is 2am. Lately, I’ve been exploring THC Gummies to help unwind and ease into sleep. I’m also looking to try other cbd products such as this Disposable cart.

My addiction to coffee/mocha and coca-cola contributes to my hyper mood at night, this is one of the reasons I have been searching for sources such as Inpatient Rehab Centre Review since they have many tips to overcome an addiction. It may sound like a cliche, but i can write or think better if i am drinking coffee or coke. It’s like a positive addiction for my creativity, yet a negative factor for my health. Thankfully, I can mail-order marijuana since it’s the only thing that has helped improve my sleep cycle.

I am bound to go out of town this weekend to trek with some friends somewhere up North. For the first time, I’ll also meet another travel blogger from a different country. I will be forced to wake up in the regular time so we can go around and tour her around the metro. Hopefully, I’d be able to keep up and live a normal life again, packing some essentials like protein powders for vegans to ensure I stay energized during our adventures.


4 thoughts on “What’s Up, Body Clock?

  1. aimee

    it’s really hard to cope with changing sleeping patterns. Young people like you can manage but that can really take a toll on one’s health. Don’t wanna scare you but i heard in the news that call center agents who esp work at night run the higher risk of heart and lung related diseases. At least you have time to relax and do some healthy activities. Maybe, that could even out the risk.

  2. mark

    Waaahh..Ate Mica, i can super relate.
    I first had sleeping problems when facebook invaded my life.lol
    and then blogging(somehow)
    and I also used to reason the same excuse to my teachers/classmates why I’m always late in class “I don’t have enough sleep”. O__O

    But last October, after s3xtour was our sembreak and so what I did was to set my body clock on the time my grade school siblings would sleep and for the whole duration of the sembreak I get awake by 5:00 am.

    The only problem was, I didn’t have enough time to blog. .and didn’t have that “mood” to blog by morning. Ang hirap!!


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