A Toast to Bianca King’s Success!

The GMA-7 afternoon drama series Sinner or Saint will end today. I don’t have my own TV here in my room that’s why I am able to catch some episodes via Youtube, a habit a learned when I stayed abroad for three months. This project serves as Bianca King‘s first lead role in a teleserye after years of playing support and kontrabida roles to other Kapuso programs. Dennis Trillo plays a role where you’d end up loving and hating him at the same. It is also the comeback project of Alessandra de Rossi after her stint in ABS-CBN.

Bianca King: Now a Lead Drama Actress

Two months ago, a childhood friend of mine launched a new business in Dagupan City called Pretty Tipsy Nail & Waxing Salon. It is the first high-end nail art and waxing place in Pangasinan and they chose Bianca King as the celebrity endorser. She does represent the target market and yes, she’s simply gorgeous!

Bianca, Dennis & Alex in Sinner or Saint

Now let’s go back to the Sinner or Saint thingy. It is an open fact that Bianca King is not the first choice for the role. The creative team thought of getting Jennylyn Mercado and Iza Calzado for the role of a ‘sentensyada’ named Noemi. In the story, she took the responsibility of the crime committed by her boyfriend Raul hoping that he’ll be able to fix the case as soon as he graduates from Law school. Unfortunately, Raul neglected her and their baby in the prison. Soon after, he met Corrine (Alessandra de Rossi), a rich spoiled brat who fell in love with him and they got married for power and money.

Remember Aviona?

As a silent fan, I am Bianca King’s loyalty paid off. She started out as a model before entering showbiz via the youth-oriented show Click. After a few months, she was chosen to play the role of Aviona in Mulawin as Richard Gutierrez’ friend who is secretly in love with him.

Bianca King on the cover of FHM Philippines (2005)

She also appeared in a number of men’s magazine afterwards and she didn’t hesitate to show her sexy body. She’s a model anyway much to the male fans (and ladies) delight.

The Bad Side of Bianca King

On her next projects, she mostly played kontrabida roles. Blame it on the fact that mestizas are often victims of typecasting in TV projects. The most remarkable role of hers as an antagonist is playing Banawa in The Last Prince. Actually, I wrote some articles about her in Pinoy Parazzi before when she wore her Banawa costume at a press conference. A lot of readers commented that she deserves to play a lead role in a teleserye and she unconsciously overshadowed the lead stars of that fantaserye. Agree? πŸ˜›

I noticed that she chose to lie-low in posing for men’s magazines and only did support roles  the past two years. School is her priority being a full-time AB Digital Filmmaking Major in La Salle Γ’β‚¬β€œ College of St. Benilde. As a music video director, she already worked with Frencheska Farr & SomeDayDream.

Bianca King dramatic photo shoot with BJ Pascual

Now that her show Sinner or Saint is bound to end, I am hoping that her home network will give her more projects – lead role projects. I am also a fan of her tandem with Dennis Trillo hehe. I would like to see her name on the credits part of a film whether as an actress or director. I am also hoping that she gets more endorsements like the one with Pretty Tipsy. I think she’s perfect as an image model for brands related to empowering women or those who prioritize individuals with substance. Yown!

A Toast to Bianca's Success!

Oh wait. I need to confess something in this post πŸ˜› Way back in 2004 (Mulawin prime days), I used to own a Bianca King Fansite. I think I am the first person to make a website for her way before blogs paved the way. The previous URL is BiancaKing.TK =P

Do you like Bianca King? What can you say about her as an actress, model and endorser?


5 thoughts on “A Toast to Bianca King’s Success!

  1. Hello Hello

    Ang galing-galing ni Bianca King sa Sinner or Saint. Kudos talaga sa kanya. Sana next time, lead role naman sa prime-time ang makuha niya. Excellent ang portrayal na sa role!

  2. Jerro Santos

    Bianca King is a very good actress. What I like about her is the fact that even if she wasn’t given much major projects before, still she didn’t leave GMA7 in the prospect of a greener pasture on the other side. Hindi katulad ni Nadine Samonte na katatapos lang ng role eh nag-over-the-bakod na.

    Now, her hard work is starting to pay off. Nagkaroon na siya ng major major lead role, na sure masusundan pa ng iba. ^^

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Hello Hello – I agree! I can’t believe na magiging effective bida siya na sentensyada pa. Buti nagawan ng segway at ‘Tisay’ naging nickname niya sa piitan. Love the cast of Sinner or Saint!

    @Jerro – I’m glad that her loyalty paid off πŸ˜€ Sana more movies din! πŸ˜€


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