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Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino wants to bite and get bitten!

It is a tradition in the movie industry (international and local) to come up with a film that will scares or haunts its audience. It is already proven in the previous years that this genre sells – even if it talks about death and insanity.

ASWANG 2011 Starring Lovi Poe and Paulo Avelino

This year, Mother Lily’s Regal Entertainment Inc. brings you the ‘updated’ version of the horror classic ASWANG. The movie was directed by Peque Gallaga in 1992 and Alma Moreno played the title role.


For the new version, Lovi Poe bags this iconic role with Paulo Avelino as her leading man. Also included in the cast are Joem Bascon, Jillian Ward, Nina Jose, Mark Abaya, Albie Casino and Bembol Roco. Critically-acclaimed indie film director Jerrold Tarog is in-charge of the new version. I think Mother Lily liked how he directed last year’s Shake, Rattle & Roll ‘Punerarya’ episode, where Carla Abellana won some awards.

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