On Sam Pinto, the Azkals and Unboxing SMART Netphone 701

After years of ‘avoiding’  mobile phone trends, I finally own an Android phone – the Netphone 701 from Smart!

Can I confess something? I have a love and hate relationship with technology. I love it because it makes things easier for us. I also hate it at times because it makes things easier for us. Am I making sense here? Hehe.

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

Anyway, I am a loyal postpaid subscriber of SMART for 8 years now. Thanks to my mom for handing the responsibility to me. Although they do have a rule that a subscriber can get a new phone via retention plan every two years, I am not so proud to say that the last phone I claimed was my N70 in 2007. What pushed me to finally claim it was when my phone got stolen while I am in a free concert in Araneta Coliseum. I am too attached with my personal belongings and I hated the person who stole that phone. I saved some of my dad’s messages in that sim card and poof! phone gone in just a snap.

Enough with the sentimental stuff 😛 Most of my friends use Android phones while I settle with my old phone. I have another mobile phone which I used in the UK early this year and I am using it only here at home as my music player hehe. I’d rather use a simple phone to avoid snatchers in public places.

The SMART Netphone 701 is now out in the market for only Php 9,900. As a first time Android and touchscreen phone user, I will first present to you some unboxing pix:

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

The Unboxed Smart Netphone 701. Huwag munang excited wehehe 😛

Special Features of Netphone 701

Special Features of Netphone 701

Behind the box, you will see the main reason why this will be a big hit among techie people out there. Being online for free and staying connected all the time is a big advantage to those who loves to use Facebook, Tweet and chat. The Temptation to touch this new toy!

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

Inside the box, you will find the Netphone 701, 2GB microSD card, 1250mAh battery, USB cable, USB adapter wall socket, Quick Start Guide, Earphones and SMART Buddy Quick Access Sim Card.


Android Froyo 2.2 (with SMARTNET)
ARM11 600MHZ Processor
150 MB storage, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
LCD capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors
480 x 800 pixels, 3.5 inches
3.2MP camera

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

The enclosed step-by-step Quick Start Guide saved my life LOL. As a newbie to this type of mobile phone, I needed all the help (and patience) that I can get. If only all manuals are easy to read and understand just like this one.

It’s been a week since I actively used my new phone and I will write a separate blog entry about it. I call this now as my handy anti-boredom device =P

Meanwhile, I would like to share the following TVCs released by Smart featuring the Netphone 701 Celebrity Endorsers Aly Borrromeo, Anton del Rosario, Chieffy Caligdong and Neil Etheridge of The Azkals and of course, Philippines’ sexiest woman for 2011 Ms. Sam Pinto!

“Stay connected when it matters most – now! The new Netphone, it’s the NOW phone!” – Sam Pinto, Actress

“Mobile Internet will never be the same” – Aly Borromeo, Azkals Team Captain

“Having a phone and being able to do it on your phone (social networking) is very convenient. But to be able to do it anytime you want to makes it that much more” – Anton Del Rosario, Azkals Defender

“The new Netphone will forever change the way you share, chat and tweet.” – Chieffy Caligdong, Azkals Co-Captain

“Chat now, tweet now, update now on the new Netphone.” – Niel Etheridge, Azkals Goalkeeper

I might be posting a video blog soon of me exploring the features of SMART Netphone 701. For more information, just visit http://www.netphone.ph . Bye for now!


5 thoughts on “On Sam Pinto, the Azkals and Unboxing SMART Netphone 701

  1. Josh

    ♪♫kahit ano basta ikaw, ay walang problema.. ♪♫

    ahhh… ito pala yung gamit nyo ni hannah nung andito kayo, =) ganda, sana ako din mabiyayaan.. =)

  2. Dane

    Wow, that’s a rather affordable phone for its size and features. Hope it does not go like the Smart Amazing Phone before. (By the way, nice blog. I always enjoy reading it!)

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Josh – Hehe thanks Josh! Oo, yan yung pinag-aaralan ko nun hehe super newbie mode

    @Lawstude – Go get the netphone! It is as sexy as Sam Pinto (wut?)

    @Dane – Thanks Dane! 😀

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