Random Thoughts While Watching ‘No Other Woman’

‘PEDRING’ invaded the country by storm and it is unfortunate that once again, our country was ‘visited’ by another typhoon. For the first time this year, we experienced brownout here at home. Last Thursday night, I slept at 9AM and woke up at 12pm for lunch. Went back to bed and woke up at 7pm for dinner. Still, the electricity is still off. I’m just glad that we have some candles and de bateryang lamp here at home. Got the electricity back by 8:30PM and went online immediately.

Let the real-life love tsunami begin!

IT seems like a lot of people were bored and a bit depressed due to the bad weather. Most students and employees went back to bed and slept. I even heard that the supposed red carpet premiere of the movie ‘No Other Woman’ starring Cristine Reyes, Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis was postponed.

It is no secret that I am a supporter of Pinoy movies and i guess being a fan of the three lead stars counts. Together with Hannah, we went straight to Theatre Mall Greenhills supposedly for the 5:20PM screening for that day. I went to the ticket booth at 4pm and wow, whatta line! Only the front row seats are left and since we’re not doing anything that night, we decided to just book seats for the 8pm screening, which was almost full.

The movie trailer is quite intriguing as it tackles the issue of ‘infidelity’. I enjoyed the movie ‘My Neighbor’s Wife‘ and even if both movies tackled the same theme, their characters and how the solved the problem were different. Both movies have good quotable quotes and I might just do a blog entry on that.

Anyway, so there we were. It is quite obvious that the movie is tailor-made for Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes, two of Viva Entertainment and ABS-CBN’s sexiest and in-demand actresses. It is the first time of both actresses to do a movie together and they need to make it up to the fans. Anne Curtis’ romance-comedy flick ‘Who’s That Girl’ with Luis Manzano was a disappointment to some, while Cristine Reyes’ Tumbok didn’t do quite well in the box-office. Why not merge their powers in one epic flick and add the hotness of Derek Ramsay?

Here’s the trailer of ‘No Other Woman‘:

Cristine: Buti pala lumipat tayo, 'noh? Anne: Tamaaaa!!!

I bet GMA-7 regrets letting Anne and Cristine go – Anne Curtis started out as one of the teen stars of the epic Saturday youth-oriented show T.G.I.S (Thank God It’s Sabado) and even appeared in a number of shows mostly playing kikay or kontrabida roles.

Back then, you can already see the effort that she wants to practice her tagalog and be a better actress. She was also tagged as a ‘playgirl’ after the Oyo Boy Sotto-Cogie Domingo feud years ago and her failed relationship with Richard Gutierrez. Cristine Reyes started out as a Starstruck avenger and just like Anne, she got involved with a number of men too. Tagged as ‘Ara Mina’s younger sister’, they gave her pa-sexy roles and I can’t remember a single project where she became the lead star. I’m glad that both girls moved to ABS-CBN where they were given sexy but meaty roles. Go Girls!

No Other Man is as lucky as Derek lulz

Derek Ramsay is one lucky guy – Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes as your leading ladies and you share several intimate moments with them. Man, you’re the luckiest guy alive! Plus the fact that you have Angelica Panganiban as a supportive girlfriend. ‘Kaw na ang gwapo!

"Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo - maraming snatcher!"

Quotable Quotes galore! – This movie is supposedly a sexy-drama flick, but some of its quotable quotes are worth LOL-ing at. Thanks to Carmi Martin’s winner lines, the audience managed to laugh in some of the intense moments in the film. Also, Nina Dolino and Ricci Chan are good supporting actors in the movie. I believe that every girl should have a girl and gay bestfriend.

Only I can do these scenes with shades - and style!

Anne Curtis proved once more that she is ‘the one’ – Yeah, we have a long list of Pinoy movie leading ladies from both networks, but only Anne Curtis can do such role. Only she can portray the role of a classy bitch with a heart without exerting much effort. Havey na Havey!

Hindi lang pang-teleserye, pang feature film pa! Pak!

Cristine Reyes is truly an actress – Although most people would praise Anne Curtis’ performance in the movie more due to the complexity of her character, we cannot deny that Cristine Reyes portrayed her role well. While watching some of her scenes, I can say that she deserves all the big breaks she’s getting now. She is made to be an actress and a lead star at that. She did put up a good fight!

Hindi ko makikita si San Pedro sa pelikulang ito? Hurray!

Derek Ramsay didn’t die! – Finally, a movie where Derek didn’t die in the end of the film! Remember And I Love You So and I Love You, Goodbye? I’m glad that there’s no funeral scene at the end of the movie para maiba naman LOL and i bet a lot of guys envy him now for his role.

What happened next?

It could have been a good story, but….. – What happened to his grandfather? Did his relationship with his own daddy changed after what happened? What about his relationship with his father-in-law? It is expected in every Star Cinema film that they try to tackle some family issues in every film and resolve them later. Eto, wala. Anyare mga teh?!

Romantic pala sa ang view ditey!

I suddenly missed Thunderbird Resort Poro Point – I want to go back! I miss the food, the bed, the scenery – Everything!

Si Barney na lang ang kulang!!

Character Through Clothes – Another thing that I liked in this movie is how the two lead actresses managed to stick to their characters not only with the way they act and say their lines, but also with the way they dress up. Kudos to their fashion stylists! Some of Cristine’s clothes reminded me of my own mom when she was younger and Anne’s clothes reminds me of some liberated women – elite version LOL.

Tingnan mo 'yung cellphone, dali! May nag-text! 😛

A lot of married women can relate – While watching, I overheard someone from the left part of the cinema saying that her seatmate can relate to the ‘cellphone’ scene. Apparently, that’s what she did when she found out that her husband is cheating on her. Marriage is a big commitment and responsibility. I am hoping that mine will work out well when the right time comes. Biglang ganu’n eh haha

Uh oh.

Love can drive anyone crazy – Like crazy haha 😀 CRAZY.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! I salute the cast and crew of this movie. Kudos to Direk Ruel S. Bayani because he was able to bring out the best in Anne, Derek and Cristine. The script could have been great, if only they managed to answer all the questions in the end (i bet they’re not having a sequel later on).

Happy threesome of Anne, Derek and Cristine

Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts about it? What can you say about Anne, Derek and Cristine’s performance?


15 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While Watching ‘No Other Woman’

  1. Nicely

    Haven’t watched it yet. Nice post, Mica. Nakakaaliw ang review mo. Well, would you recommend this film? My decision depends on YOU. Haha.

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Hannah – All in one na ako haha 😛

    @Nicely – Yup! Watch na hehe with the boyfriend para mas masaya LOL

  3. Wendy

    I haven’t watched it yet but am gonna make sure I’ll download it or watch it somewhere online…

    Sobrang natawa ko mga sinulat mo! promise! hahaha lalo na sa “Si Barney na lang kulang”

  4. Angela

    Advantage talaga ng mga ABS-CBN stars over Kapuso stars ay ang Star Cinema. ( TFC naman for singers). Letts face it, iba ang tatak SC. Bihira kasi gumawa ang GMA films and madalas, concentrated lang kina Mariane, Dingdong and Richard G. Yung ibang GMA stars, dependent lang sa Regal films na magka-pelikula na kadalasan ay smorgasbord movies.. Kaya kahit top-rating ang mga GMA teleseryes , karamihan sa mga stars nito ay di pa kayang magdala ng pelikula.

  5. Nice

    super like ko talaga ang movie…. isa sa mga masarap ulit-ulitin like One More Chance of JL and Bea… dami talaga kasin makakarelate. Another thing, yung movie andaming signature items ftw! sosyal talaga! weeeee! =)

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  7. Glenn

    I was also looking for a resolution of the father and lolo. Kaya hindi ako naiyak dahil wala masyadong family scenes eh. Lol! And one of my concerns that time was – nasan na ang RayBan shades ni Anne pagkahulog niya sa jetski?! I thought OA yung natatanggal yung bikini pagkahulog, but a girl friend even said na minsan yung pambaba niya yung natatanggal. Lol!

    This is a great movie. Minsan lang ako manuod ng Pinoy films na hindi comedy.

  8. Lhenzkie

    I so love the movie. Pak kung Pak! and yes, pareho tayo, I am so looking forward for the scenes with his lolo and his dad. Ang cute ng mya lines. Kudos sa scriptwriter!

  9. Anonymous V

    Anne beats everyone in the cast with her effortless & natural characterization of Kara as the mistress – one who initially gets the ire of every wife, good-meaning persons & audience alike, but eventually gets the nod & sympathy of all after viewing No Other Woman. Anne Curtis is truly Anne-Beatable & Anne-Bisyosa as she is in this movie, she took us all by storm with her very commendable & engaging performance. It’s very rarely that one gets to sympathize with a mistress’s character in any film whatsoever, but Anne changed that perception with her superb performance as Kara in this blockbuster of a movie in, No Other Woman – congrats Star Cinema, direk Ruel Bayani, Derek, Christine & especially to Ms.Anne Curtis

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