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On Sam Pinto, the Azkals and Unboxing SMART Netphone 701

After years of ‘avoiding’  mobile phone trends, I finally own an Android phone – the Netphone 701 from Smart!

Can I confess something? I have a love and hate relationship with technology. I love it because it makes things easier for us. I also hate it at times because it makes things easier for us. Am I making sense here? Hehe.

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

Unboxing Smart Netphone 701

Anyway, I am a loyal postpaid subscriber of SMART for 8 years now. Thanks to my mom for handing the responsibility to me. Although they do have a rule that a subscriber can get a new phone via retention plan every two years, I am not so proud to say that the last phone I claimed was my N70 in 2007. What pushed me to finally claim it was when my phone got stolen while I am in a free concert in Araneta Coliseum. I am too attached with my personal belongings and I hated the person who stole that phone. I saved some of my dad’s messages in that sim card and poof! phone gone in just a snap.

Enough with the sentimental stuff 😛 Most of my friends use Android phones while I settle with my old phone. I have another mobile phone which I used in the UK early this year and I am using it only here at home as my music player hehe. I’d rather use a simple phone to avoid snatchers in public places.

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