Travel and Reunion Jitters

While most Filipino bloggers are already preparing for the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards this coming Sunday, i am now busy doing last minute errands for my longest travel trip to date. I’m going to UK!

Carlo and Mama via Skype

It sounds fantastic, right? But hey, it was not an easy one. Completing my requirements for the visa application really made me emotionally stressed last month. I am used to doing things on my own, but this one is quite a hella ride. The anxiety even caused some irregularities to my menstrual cycle LOL. I am not really sure on how the other countries do process and decide whether to approve or deny a certain applicant, but you need to wait a few days in UK. Thankfully, I had the right immigration solicitors to help. You may also visit sites like for more info on immigration bonds.

I’m glad to inform you all though that yes, i am now leaving the country and i am writing this entry because i am nervous. I dunno. I should be happy because i’ll be seeing my mom and my brother Carlo again, right? I cried last night because i feel like i wasn’t able to accomplish everything that i am supposed to do prior to leaving the country. I’ll be going to NAIA 1 later this evening and by midnight, i will leave for Dubai and take a connecting flight to Birmingham.

I am a certified traveler (check my 2010 archives – most of them are previews from my trips!) but this is quite different. It will be my first time to go and check NAIA 1, it will be my first connecting flight and i don’t really know if i’ll go through a lot of windows later before i finally board the big plane. Will i be able to survive in the approximately half a day flight?

Are you aware of wedding jitters? It’s what soon-to-be groom and bride’s doubts prior to their wedding. I can’t believe i am having travel jitters now. I don’t feel comfortable with the bag i’m using, i think i won’t be that comfortable with my clothes later (imma wear Boots with the fur (with the fur)). I want to wear shorts and slippers like i always do in my trips, but i think i will be a frozen human being that needs to be defrosted once i arrive in the airport 😐 I just hope that there is enough entertainment stuff inside the plane and bottomless coffee or else imma die of boredom.

^My first VLog with Carlo. We will make more!^

Am i thinking too much? Obviously, i am. I have so many backlogs too but i’m planning to fill ’em up once i am settled there. I am planning to stay there for a couple of months and i think it will be a big adjustment for me. I am living independently for the past three years and for sure, i will be a ‘big sister’ to Carlo again, who is now fifteen years old and i predict that he is taller that me now. I will shoot more videos with him and i will force him to do jumpshots or else πŸ˜›

Yes, my mom. Just like any other mother-daughter relationships, there are some instances wherein we do really ‘clash’. I think astrologers were right when they revealed that Taurus and Virgo has contradicting attitudes yet they compliment each other. That is not only applicable to our lovelife. It is also related to some of our personal relationships like family. So what do my mom and i usually argue about? Hmmm… Lotion and vanity πŸ˜› i will blog about that soon on our first fight so stay tuned πŸ˜›

To summarize my thoughts, yes, i am thinking a lot of what ifs, but and maybes now. I think this is quite normal and i’m sharing this publicly because i want to re-read the whole thing again soon and eventually laugh at it while i’m hugging my mom and Baby Carlo again.

I can’t wait πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Travel and Reunion Jitters

  1. Ada

    Magonline ka parin Skype kahit kapiling mo na sila!! πŸ˜€ Ayoko magbybye babalik ka naman here! Whhhaaaa!!! I will miss you badet!

  2. imma

    mica, we met in cebu thru prince. i know i just met you for like a few short minute but since i knew then you were a blogger i followed your writings. i am amazed how you can blog as much as you can and you blog with substance too. \m/

    UK! wow a big leap! i wasnt even thinking youd leave the philippines. in any case, id still be reading your blogs. and yes, i want a blog on british guys. ;P

    enjoy your trip. πŸ™‚

  3. pusang-kalye

    we will miss you Mica. make the most of your stay there. at tandaan. mre jumpshots across Europe. at sana dika na badtrip sakin about the maleta? haha. galet na nga sakin si Gael, pati ikaw,.hahaha. basta its about the family. make the most out of it. we will be waiting for you. at mag OL ka lagi kasi we will cook another group travelm para pagbalik mo banat tayo kagad ulit. hahaha

  4. dana

    oh no!! You’re leaving and you’re not telling me!! rrrrrrr!! Ingat ka ha. And say Hi to Tita Brenda & Baby Carlo. Hindi na tayo nagkita.

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