Random Thoughts Before I Pack My Things For Cebu

For the 7th time, I am packing packing my things and I am set to leave for Cebu City hours from now. My flight is 4:15am and I am expected to arrive at Mactan International Airport at 5:40AM. This is the main reason why Cebu will enjoy a holiday today LOL I kid XD

This is how it feels like to be at the top of the world!

This is how it feels like to be at the top of the world! (August 2009)

Same time last year, I was excited to finally go to Cebu City. I heard a lot of good things about Cebu when I was a little kid. In fact, my grandfather was born there, but he didn’t really spend his childhood there. I have a few relatives living at the Queen City of the South and I had the chance to meet some of them on my 1st, 2nd and 4th trip.

I first landed Cebu on the 7th of August last year. I tried the edge coaster ride (which btw is not that scary after all), met up with the Cebu Blogger Society members, went out with long lost friends and made kembot all over the city 😛 To be honest, it was my most memorable Cebu trip. I can’t really find the words to describe it. I dunno LOL.

Jehz and the Nyoks at Cebu (September 2009)

 Nyoks at Cebu (September 2009)

The second time was in September. I remember Hannah asking the Nyoks if we want to go to Cebu since there’s a promo courtesy of a local budget airline. We said yes and she booked almost all of us. The Nyoks went around and bonded for two days. It was a memorable trip for me due to personal realizations.

PBA '09 Visayas Leg - Major Success!

PBA '09 Visayas Leg - Major Success! (October 2009)

I went to Cebu for the third time in October to attend the Visayas leg of the Philippine Blog Awards ’09. I was able to bond with Manila and Cebu based blogger friends. The trip was quite bitin, but the most memorable part for me is the fact that Ada and I stalked someone we saw at Mercury Drug. Uhm, not really stalk. We were just fascinated that such beautiful man exist in Cebu teehee 😛

Feeling Senyorita in Plantation Bay (January 2010)

Feeling Senyorita in Plantation Bay (January 2010)

The fourth one is supposedly for Sinulog, but I booked the wrong date 😐 No regrets though because it was the time I was able to explore some parts of Mactan and yep… Plantation Bay! I was sick the entire trip, but that didn’t stop me from eating ice cream and drinking cold beverages. Tigas ng ulo ko 😛

Then came March! Maribago Beach Resort and Sumilon Island Getaway with travel bloggers. This is quite an unforgettable one because I had the chance to do the Cebu Heritage Walk for Free and yes, the Visita Iglesia. I don’t really practice the tradition on Holy Week, but the fact that I was able to do visit seven fascinating and artistic churches made me feel lucky. Instead of making a very big wish, I ended up thanking the Lord for all of the blessings I received in every church we went to. The accidental Dumaguete overnight experience never failed to make me smile. The whole Maribago and Sumilon adventure trip made me realize that if i had a choice, i’d put ‘jetsetter’ as my profession. 😛

Cebu Blog Camp (May 2010)

Cebu Blog Camp (May 2010)

Hello, May! I was tapped to speak at the very first Cebu Blog Camp. I discussed about the Basics of Blogging and I was able to meet more Cebu-based bloggers. It was a fun blog event full of enthusiastic bloggers. I feel so young 😛

And now I’m on my 7th Cebu trip! I booked a flight last June with no concrete plans in mind at all. What am I supposed to do there? I didn’t even book for a hotel room yet! Oh well, spontaneous in Cebu is fun. So what will happen to me this weekend? I dunno, but only one thing’s for sure: I will not end up spending my weekend alone. Can’t wait to see my friends! 😀

Errr… it’s 2AM already and I haven’t packed my stuff yet. Bye for now! 😛


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Before I Pack My Things For Cebu

  1. Clarence

    “We were just fascinated that such beautiful man exist in Cebu teehee”

    – Reason for visiting Cebu alone? hahaha

    welcome back to ubec! m/

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Clado – Hahaha salamat ulit sa inyo ni Prince! 😀

    @Bong – Let’s gooo back! I miss the January trip as well. 😀


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