Saturday Out of Town Trips with Friends

For the past three consecutive Saturdays, I find myself outside Metro Manila with my close friends. I’ve been to three places – Clark, Tagaytay and Batangas.

The Happy Turtle Says Hi!

The Happy Giant Turtle wants to say 'Hi!'

I went to Clark, Pampanga together with Winston, Erik, Alan and Fritz for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. To be honest, I didn’t really have plans of going weeks prior to that. I was planning to devote that Saturday for the completion of my project. Thanks to Winston for the tempting invitation and the free tickets, I said yes πŸ˜›

Quark, Mica and Cristalle :D

Spotted Quark and Cristalle Henares πŸ™‚

It was a day of shooting giant balloons, watching kites fly, aviation chorva, marquee mall strolling, an hour in a japanese store, quick nap at Kenny Rogers, shooting parazzi pictures of strangers, sleeping in the grass and many, many more! The trip going back to Manila is a big hassle on our part, but meh, who cares? We had fun anyway. πŸ™‚

Happy Family in Tagaytay

De Jesus Family in Tagaytay - What a Beautiful Sight =)

The next Saturday, I found myself traveling with Drew, Winston (again pft) and the De Jesus Family to Tagaytay. The sleepless Zombie that I am, we went to Tagaytay with me trying to sleep on our way there. Some of the places we went to include the Picnic Grove (Cable and Zipline attempt fail), Sonya’s Gardan (jampacked that’s why we had to look for another place), Batangas (hahaha nakalagpas kami LOL), Antonio’s (Expensive T_T), Mushroom Burger (but I didn’t eat LOL) and Starbucks. We went back to Manila at night, but the fun didn’t stop there, Winston, Drew and I went to Promenade Mall for a midnight videoke spree.

Kabayan Resort

Hot, sunny afternoon in Batangas

Just last Saturday, I went to Kabayan Resort in San Juan Batangas with former officemates. During my stay at my former employer, we were pampered by our boss with weekly pizza and pasta treats. We originally planned of going out-of-town way back, but it never materialized. I found out that the scheduled company outing for last year didn’t push through much to the dismay of the employees. Since two of my former co-workers wants to reunite with the ‘past’ and ‘present’ officemates, they initiated a simple outing.

Halo-halo beside the beach

Halo-Halo by the Beach

We spent the hot, lazy afternoon playing Bluff, Pinoy Henyo and habul-habulan in the sea πŸ˜› I somewhat entertained myself taking paparazzi shots of my friends with their ‘special friends’ LOL. T’was nice to see them in a much more relaxed and stress-free mode.

By this coming Saturday, I’ll be in Puerto Princesa with my girl friends Ada and Shena. I have a feeling that I’ll go somewhere by the next weekend. Whew! Just like as what I said in my Facebook account last week, Traveling is an expensive hobby, but who cares? At least I’m having fun and memories. It is something that money can’t buy πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Out of Town Trips with Friends

  1. pusang-kalye

    by saying San Juan Batangas, do you mean La Luz resort>? I have been wondering if that resort is worth the long hours of travel. can you give any info Mica?thanks

  2. eric

    ateng kitakits sa XXXXXX sa next next week? ahihih

    pusang-kalye, la luz is one of the better resorts in san juan. iwas there a few years back.i just hope that they still maintained the resort well.

  3. david.edward

    im also enjoying my stay here in Pinas the past 4 days.. 3 more days before flying back to MY.. :p
    ung Cebu trip maybe saka na lang, nakaplan na kami ng Davao by June. heheheh


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