Making My Momma Proud

Today is September 1, 2009. This simply means that today is the start of the BER months! Our calendars will surely be filled with lots of activities for the upcoming Halloween and the Holidays. For me, the 1st of September is truly special because my loving mama turns 47 today!

With Carlo and Mama before my graduation last November 2007

With Carlo and Mama before my graduation last November 2007

I had the chance to call my mom earlier. She is now based in England together with my brother Carlo. My mom answered the phone gleefully as she originally thought that I’ll miss greeting her on her special day. I haven’t talked to her for a long time (five days to be exact teehee) and she panicked already.

If only mama was here, I’d ask her out to the salon and have our hair done. We will also go to a spa house and relax a bit. We can do a little bit of shopping at Greenhills (her favorite place). We can dine in an Italian Restaurant or simply at The House of Minis. I will surely avoid coffee as she never failed to scold me everytime she sees me sip a cup of mocha. I might also invite her to a bar with some of our fans and simply enjoy the music and feel the groove. My mom is a good dancer, and so do I πŸ˜›

Mama and Carlo

Mama and Carlo in one of our webcam sessions

All I can do for now is imagine as she is very far away from me. If only I can fly there ASAP and celebrate with them. Oh well. I am quite sure that we will be together again soon, but for the meantime, let me tell the whole world that I love you Mama! Happy Birthday! Also, thank you for understanding my decision of staying here until 2010. Thank you for saying that you are proud of me. πŸ˜€

NOTE: This is a sponsored post. You can deposit some pounds at my bank account LOL. Love you, Mudra!


8 thoughts on “Making My Momma Proud

  1. Ted Wahler

    Happy birthday and wishes for many more happy and healthy years ahead to your Mom.

    You are a blessing to each other.

    Keep safe. Be well.

  2. K.

    hi! I am K.
    I love your site :))
    anyway happy bday to your mom.
    Hope we can be friends on line.

    Add me on your blog roll so we can update one another or share my piece to you :))

  3. Micamyx Post author

    Thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

    David.Edward – > The photo was taken two years ago and err… naka-makeup ako dyan haha πŸ˜›

    @K – Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚ Sure just inform me once you link me up and i’ll do the same πŸ™‚


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