Enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics with Bloggers

A day after the successful iBlog5 summit, fifty bloggers were invited by Enchanted Kingdom to experience a tiring yet magical day by participating in the Magicalympics Bloggers Edition!


Initially, I thought we were invited just to test the rides and play like little kiddos inside Enchanted Kingdom. We were a bit surprised when we were divided into different groups. We have this bandana that will represent which group we all belong to. Thank God I belong to the Green Team which is composed of Carl, Alan, Jason, Monique, Monch, Mark, Mark C., Kevin and Louie.

Before everyone went to their designated groups, we all went to the 4D Theater first and ate lunch afterwards. We were asked to go to our respective groups after an hour and we were all ready to rumble LOLz. Let the Magicalympics begin! Woot!


Lunch Taym! -  Faith, Alan, Aj, Gail, Nina, Fritz and Moi

Lunch Taym! - Faith, Alan, Aj, Gail, Nina, Fritz and Moi

Here’s my detailed Mis-adventures with the Green Team:

  • Wheel of Faith – We were tasked to answer twenty questions while enjoying the view at the Ferris Wheel. The questions asked have something to do with the landmarks.
  • Flying Fiesta – Now EK wants to stir our minds by letting us sit in the flying chairs. We solved a puzzle after and we succeeded yey!
Green Team singing Gold

Green Team singing Gold


  • Steeplechase Arcade – Videoke Time! We have to sing S.B’s Gold and reach the score of 98. We got 96. Boo.
  • Grand Carousel – This is a simple task LOL. They showed us six pictures and we simply need to locate the specific ride indicated on the photo. This activity reminded me of a carousel ride at Star City when I was a little kid were I ended up puking 😐
  • Rio Grande – While most of us were ready to get wet, the EK person told us that we will be playing charades. Boo! We were asked to act on the movies Star Wars and 17 Again. We managed to win this time.
  • Log Jam – Now we are oh-so-ready to get wet! With plastic cups filled with water placed on our heads, I bet nobody left the specific section of EK with dry clothes. Loved this one though πŸ˜€


Let's watch a movie while we are absolutely smoking wet!

Let's watch a movie while we are absolutely smoking wet!

  • Realto – Ok, so we were wet, right? Now, we were tasked to watch a movie at Realto. Brrrrr… It’s Cold in here! I think we answered most of the questions.
  • Anchor’s Away – Confession: When our leader Carl told me that I have to stay at the end holding the basket, I got scared. Thanks to Alan and Jason for singing some songs with me while catching tomatoes LOL.
  • Dodgem – Bump Cars. This is a memorable game for me because I ended up hurting my chest and I suffered for almost two weeks. Oh well, at least we were able to beat the time πŸ˜€
  • Junior Kart – We were expecting to do some go-karting here, but much to our dismay, we were asked to strip off some of our clothes and accessories for the longest line. Well, not really dismayed especially after seeing some of my blogger friends stripping just to win LOL πŸ˜€


Green Team declared as 4th Placer

Green Team declared as 4th Placer

With all the effort, our team was declared as the 4th placer and our prize is a magic wand. πŸ˜€

Little Kids?! Where? We want to watch a *P* show!

Little Kids?! Where? We want to watch a *P* show!


We're quite disturbed with the *P* Show!

We're quite disturbed with the *P* Show!

After competing with co-bloggers, I decided to hangout with my boys namely Winston (my nyok who loves his new baby much), Van (my lil bro), Bryan (labtim LOL), Jason (my pakner!), Jhelo (parelax ka, teh?!), Aethen (Da Bully LOL) and Ed (basa ang…). We ended up getting wet at Rio Grande, screaming our hearts out at Anchor’s Away (no flying tomatoes this time LOL), Wheel of Faith (ang dami naming picture at lahat ng kamera nasa kabila!), Dogdem (more chest pains, please!) and little space shuttle (ok, i forgot the real name of this one LOL). The most memorable moment for me though was when we sat down to watch a puppet show for kids. We were sitting there like little kiddos while the real kids were standing at the side hehehe πŸ˜€ Oh, the fireworks moment is also special for some reason.

Mica and the Boys :D

Mica and the Boys πŸ˜€

Though all of the participants were tired, I can say that this is an experience that I will never forget. There’s nothing wrong with acting like a little kid playing with your usual playmates in a magical place.

EK Jumpshot FTW!

EK Jumpshot FTW!

When we arrived in Manila, Winston, Van, Bryan, Jason and I had the chance to talk to AJ at North Park. This time, we talked over dinner as ‘realistic’ individuals. In short, as grown-ups LOL. Thanks again to AJ for the treat! πŸ˜€

Want to experience a Magical company team building? Just contact:

Ms. Myla Cammayo
Corporate Communications Manager of Enchanted Kingdom.
(632) 8127232 / 09209028475 / mylacammayo@gmail.com / corpcomm@enchantedkingdom.com.ph / Ground Floor The Baltimore Condominium, 102 Aguirre St., Legaspi Village Makati City
(632) 8436074 to 78 / San Lorenzo South City of Sta. Rosa, Laguna


Special thanks to Pinay Ads, Digital Puto and Photo Blogger for the magicalympics photos!


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  1. janus

    sa lahat ng nasa pictures kaw lang ang kilala ko. LOLOLOL

    ang tanda na pala ni mang enchanted kingdom. HAHAHA

  2. janus

    oops i forgot, si aethen din pala! :))

    there mica, i’ve two comments. πŸ˜› nytienyt! or should i say dawny dawn? hahaha

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  4. Lizz

    Looks like you had loads of fun! πŸ˜€ I haven’t been to EK in ages and now you’ve made me nostalgic for it. Lol!

  5. The Photoblogger

    Weeee! It was great spending the kalokohan moments with you ate myx myx!! FTW!!! Hope to see you again

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