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Enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics with Bloggers

A day after the successful iBlog5 summit, fifty bloggers were invited by Enchanted Kingdom to experience a tiring yet magical day by participating in the Magicalympics Bloggers Edition!


Initially, I thought we were invited just to test the rides and play like little kiddos inside Enchanted Kingdom. We were a bit surprised when we were divided into different groups. We have this bandana that will represent which group we all belong to. Thank God I belong to the Green Team which is composed of Carl, Alan, Jason, Monique, Monch, Mark, Mark C., Kevin and Louie.

Before everyone went to their designated groups, we all went to the 4D Theater first and ate lunch afterwards. We were asked to go to our respective groups after an hour and we were all ready to rumble LOLz. Let the Magicalympics begin! Woot!

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