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Ayos Dito

AYOSDITO.PH is one of the sponsors of the recently-concluded iBlog5: The Philippine Blog Summit. Out of curiosity, I went to their website and browsed to know what the site has to offer. I’ve been seeing a lot of promotional campaign materials online about the company and it is actually a good sign that they are determined to make it big in the Philippine online marketing industry.


One of the noticeable features of the site is that the marketplace is divided by location, which is more accessible and easy to navigate for prospect clients especially the newbies. It is also very helpful to those who live in provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao who are into buy & sale. I’ve also seen some of the products and properties posted with corresponding information and photos. I’ve tried purchasing some items online and the reason why I am a bit hesitant to pursue with my orders are the incomplete information and bad photographs of the product. It seems like www.ayosdito.ph excelled on this part.

I am quite amused with the recent developments of AyosDito.ph knowing the fact that they’re not yet even on their third month on the biz yet they’re already popular among our local online consumers. Hmmm… It’s about time for me to search for some women’s shoes as a belated birthday gift to myself!


2 thoughts on “AYOSDITO.PH: Your Marketplace in the Philippines

  1. Ronald Redito

    I have seen their ads all over the place, and as far as I know PPC adwords involves a lot of money. Based on my research, competitive keywords cost huge amounts per click. And they put bids on some irrelevant topics on their niche which is buy and sell. I don’t know what exactly are they up to, but I believe there is a great financier behind to afford this google adwords campaign. Let’s just wait and see. I hope it turns out good. I believe they have a plan.

    In addition to this, I think the people behind ayosdito.ph has a great plan ahead. I think they wouldn’t spend that huge sum without gains. If you could see, they are now ranked 12,202nd (July 24, 2009) in Alexa. Yugatech is 29,847. That’s a great sign, imagine a newbie site now ranked that position. Google is still number 1 right now. Who knows, ayosdito.ph may reach top 100 spot in less the coming days. And that means, the power of advertising right? Being ranked high means a lot. They could charge high fees from companies to place their ads in that site. That’s just my opinion. I hope it’s right.

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