iBlog5: The Philippine Blogging Summit Aftermath

Just last month, i wrote a blog entry about my experience as a participant at iBlog3 and iBlog4. It was through the blogging summit where i met other bloggers and at the same time learn from the speakers.

Mica and AJ by Arbet


Last Saturday, AJ and I gave a talk on the Basics of Blogging or simply Blogging 101. Ms. Janette asked me if I wanted to speak for the newbies. I was a bit worried since err… I have a slight phobia on speaking onstage. I then realized that this is a perfect chance for me to overcome that fear and at the same time share my  ideas on blogging.

AJ and Mica by Jen Juan


I rejoiced when I found out that AJ, the hottest gay blogger in the world, is my partner for the talk. We were both busy with our respective careers (charot!) that’s why we only managed to meet up two days before the talk. We both realized that majority of the attendees already started with their own blogs. We decided to discuss further on the three common reasons on why we blog, the different genres (which has subgenres), blog set-up, blogging platforms and some random tips.

 I’m glad that a number of bloggers went to the venue that early. I saw Peter and Jen (my i.ph Kuya and Ate), Tita Noemi (who encouraged me before the talk), Edward, Sire, Jonel, Jason, Bong, Arbet among others. The Cebu Bloggers Society members were there too! (represent! woot!). To be honest, we managed to finish the final PPT at 6:30AM hehe and since we don’t want our talk to be very “technical”, we decided to add a little spice  by making it fun, spontaneous and gay. I’m glad that we were able to pull it off. (Pero bagay din naman kami, diba? LOL).

Bloggers at iBlog5 by Nina

The Fritz-Poyt tandem followed and gave a lecture on Photoblogging 101. Now I know the difference of photography and digital imaging LOL.

Videobloggers Azrael and Kring encouraged a lot of bloggers to venture into  videoblogging by giving out a fabOUlous talk. Kring is just too adorable onstage and my favorite scene there is when she scolded Azrael about the wrong spelling LOL. Whatta Fab presentation indeed! 😀

It was my first time to see Ka Edong speak on an event. I learned a lot from his talk and he was able to explain the importance of mobile blogging these days.

Benj and Juned gave an excellent talk on the Blogging Do’s and Don’ts. Benj surprised a lot of bloggers with his fast yet very meaningful talk. On the other hand, Juned delivered his speech in a more calm manner and with photos and trivias. 

The last speakers for the morning session are my favorites Coy and Winston who gave a lecture on Blog Promotion & Traffic Generation Strategies. Cokskiblue and BatangYagit FTW!

Arbet and Mica at Chocolate Kiss by Winston

We ate our lunch at the venue and later on had dessert on Chocolate Kiss with some bloggers. We failed to catch the first part of the afternoon session due to the heavy rain.

Patay Gutom Bloggers with Carlo Ople

Glad to see Jehz and the other bloggers when we went back to the venue. He showed to us the Patay Gutom cards he printed out and we decided to physically cut them. I think the funniest moment for the Nyoks was when we handed some calling cards to Carlo Ople, the blogger who wrote a very controversial blog post last month about the types of bloggers. I am happy to know that he loves our dead hungry food blog and even campaigned for us! Yay thanks!

I was also with my closest blogger friends like Cai, Ada, Louis, Alan, Jhelo, Fitz, Aileen, Jay, Aaron, Gee, Rommel, Nina, Reyna Byahilo, Sarah, Carl, Tita Dine , Ederic among others. It was truly a fun, fun event!

Here are some photos taken from various sources:

Ernie and the bloggers by AJ Matela

Cai, Carl, Sarah, Me and Ed by Ada

With the Cebu Bloggers by Photoblogger

Cai, Carl, Sarah, Me and Ed by Ada

Ms. Janette interviewed us about the Claremont contest by Ada

Sweetie and the Nyoks by Carl


(link love from Influential Blogger)

Live stream feed last May 9



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  • iBlog5 (Sonnie)


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See you all at iBlog6! 😀


Thanks to AJ, Arbet, Ada, Carl, Winston, Nina, Jen and Van for the photos! Aja! 😛


29 thoughts on “iBlog5: The Philippine Blogging Summit Aftermath

  1. Bryan Karl

    Weee iBlog5 is a very good experience! Nice meeting everyone and sana we will all see each other soon… Hehe, 😛 Thanks sa lahat ng fun

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  3. webslave mc'coolot

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! galing ng blogging 101 eh.. haha.. nice meeting you there mica!

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Bryan Karl – Nice meeting you din! Sa wakas, may iblog experience ka na! See you in Cebu! 😀

    @Deo – Sayang pumunta ka sana 😀

    @Ria – Aw. Sayang hindi ka natuloy ate. We love you too hehe 😀

    @Arbet – Namiss kita kuya arbet 😛

    @berenice – yeah 😀

    @Juned – Thanks Kuya Juned! The Blogging do’s and don’ts is one of the highlights of iblog5. Thumbs up weee

    @Ada – Na-overcome na sa wakas! 😀

    @websalve – Hehe salamat 😀 Too bad we weren’t able to bond pa.

    @Billycoy – Salamat Manong 😀

    @Drew – Ermmm…

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  6. Micamyx Post author

    @Sexy Mom – Thanks Tita Dine! Also, thanks for being there for me weee love you po 😛

    @Edwin – Glad to know that you learned something 😀

    @X – Yey Kitakits!

    @Fitz – Yup hehe sarap ng cake 😛

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  8. Hannah

    woot! Ngayon lang ako nakapag blog-surf kse ngayon lang ako nakauwi!!! Congratulations sa talk! Mukhang patok na patok wooooot!

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