Micaela Rodriguez – The Model

Three years ago, I was an active blogger at my LiveJournal account. I was curious if my blog will show up once I search for the name “Micaela Rodriguez” at Google.

Much to my surprise, I found out that I am not the only Micaela Rodriguez living in this world. I was a struggling student way back, and the other Micaela Rodriguez is a model in Mexico.



Presenting… Micaela Rodriguez ๐Ÿ˜€




Isn’t she sexy? I tried looking for her profile last night, but I can’t find any other relevant information about her. I would love to meet her soon and say, “Hi, My name is Micaela Rodriguez. You are Micaela Rodriguez too, right?” LOL

Have you tried searching for your name in the internet then found another person with the same name as yours?ย 


11 thoughts on “Micaela Rodriguez – The Model

  1. Mai Amante

    hi micaela,

    im mai from ramon magsaysay award foundation.
    we would like to invite you and other bloggers to join us in our breaking bread for the 2009 magsaysay awards to be held on Augsut 18, 2009 at the ramon magsaysay awards foundation, 1680 roxas boulevard, manila.

    if you are interested to attend, you may contact me at 521-3166 lc 180, 09156868697. or email at mamante@rmaf.org.ph


  2. mauricio

    actually she is from Uruguay and not from Mexico. Is a friend of mine, we did all the school together. Her hometown is called Santa Lucia!, nowadays she is living in Montevideo, the capital of our country


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