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10 Random Questions

Been sitting here for more than two hours yet I can’t decide on which topic I should blog about. 

I’ll ask 20 Random Questions instead and I am hoping you’d answer them 😀


1. Don’t you just miss being a child again? Way back, we were required by our parents to play and have fun and . Today, we are obliged to face our responsibilities. No time for play, limited time for fun.

2. Should I wear glasses? I bought one two years ago but lost it after two weeks of purchase. I am having headaches from time to time for the past weeks already. Arg. Noooo. I dun wanna wear one :'(

3. Is coffee really bad for our health? I’ve been addicted to coffee since I was in third year college. Some of my college friends call me “Mocha” because of that addiction. Some of my close blogger friends know that I will order either hot or cold mocha everytime we visit UCC, Starbucks, Figaro, Gloria Jeans and Krispy Kreme.

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