Bulleted List of Random Thoughts at 8:30 AM

* It’s 8:30 AM as I type this entry. I haven’t slept yet. Blame it on my weird body clock. I am not working as a call center or virtual assistant yet, but I am already having problems with my sleeping schedule. A friend of mine advised me to wake up at 12pm even if I get to sleep at around 10am. I will try that out. I need to help my body get back to regular programming LOL.

* Remember the two CBTL gift certificates I received in one of their events? I used the first one when I went to Araneta Coliseum with Cai and Maire for the Back to Back to Back concert of MYMP, Freestyle and Side A last December 1 (Haven’t published my blog entry about that once-in-a-lifetime concert hala) . I used the other just last Tuesday at CBTL Greenbelt with Winston. We ate two pastas, one guava drink, one hot mocha, one iced mocha, one salad and two slices of cake. We finished everything. Yep, Patay Gutom mode!

* I went to the grand launch of ABS-CBN’s Tayong Dalawa. The show is led by Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca. These three young stars are lucky to have the following award-winning actors as their support: Alessandra de Rossi, Jiro Manio, Coco Martin, Spanky Manikan, Mylene Dizon, Agot Isidro, Cherry Pie Picache, Helen Gamboa, Baron Geisler, Gina Pareno and Anita Linda. I am lucky to have a simple photo op with the later. I’ve seen Adela and I admire her performance on that simple yet touching film.

*Cai Abbass of the Pink Urinal and Technopink just gave me a pink ballpen. That time, I brought with me my Pink Steno ballpen. The meeting was somewhat productive because she taught me the importance of using the right planner (Belo Planner FTW! LOL) and managing my finances. We also talked about some of our ideas and we came up with a morbid project hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ Morbid thoughts written on a pink steno notebook with a pink ink ๐Ÿ˜€


* After a month, I updated Myx Technology, my tech blog. I am really happy because in a way, I am slowly concentrating on several niches: Entertainment through Showbiz Gossips, Pinoy Fans Club and six other fansites, Family and Autism through Missing Carlo, Food through Patay Gutom and technology through Myx Technology. I am also maintaining another blog which talks about womanhood, but I’d rather not reveal it here. I want to have my own travel blog soon. I will get that one. I will.

* I passed through the same street and went to the same old routine the other night as I visit a good friend at the hospital. I remember how I rushed to get to that building months ago just to arrive at the room on time. I never thought that I’d actually miss the place. Who wouldn’t? It was once a happy place. That place somewhat molded me on what I am right now.

* I’ve been meeting a lot of people that is also into organizing a lot of stuff. Why should I not share ideas with them and produce a good output? I also want to learn how to cook and how to swim (biglang ganun haha)ย 

* Today is a Sunday. I must wake up at around 1pm and its almost 9am. Maybe I should sleep now.


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  1. Cai

    re maybe i should sleep now: Of course you should! You have big stuff to finish, you need to take care of yourself.



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