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Goodbye, July! Hello, August!

JULY was a very busy month for me. I attended a number of blogger and non-blogger events, met up with some offline friends on different occassions, reminisced my father’s death anniversary, bonded with my grandparents, shot my second short film, attended the Cinemalaya Cinco Festival for the first time, wrote lots of work-related articles, created an outline for a new story and many, many more. I need to escape from the busy city of Manila waaah…

Wacky Moment at Krispy Kreme with Bong and Jade - And i'm wearing a Tarbak Shirt :P

the 12th of July - Kulitan with Bong and Jade at KK. Deadline: The 12th of August waaah

Today is August 1 and I am looking forward to a much busier month! I will be working on the post-production of my second film later and the first film on Sunday (baliktad! LOL). I registered a number of domains a few months back and i’m planning to post some entries as soon as i have time. I might collaborate with a friend for a new project and I am really hoping it will push through. I will be launching my travel blog anytime and yes…


I’m excited to go to Cebu City, the birthplace of my grandfather (though he never really spent his childhood there). Hopefully, I’ll be meeting my Cebu-based relatives and at the same time meet up with ‘online’ and ‘offline’ friends. Keywords on my mind: Edge Coaster, Bantayan, Carcar, Talisay, IAFT, Danggit,Chicharon and LECHON!