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Postcards from England: Postcard Exchange Project

I used to collect stamps when i was younger. I was influenced by my dad. He taught me how to remove the stamps in envelopes without destroying them. It was the time wherein I had penpals (yes i had some when i was in elementary!). I also ended up collecting some of the envelopes from my mom’s letters that was sent by her former workmates who tried their luck in countries such as Canada, UAE, UK, Italy, United States among others.

Postcards From England - Postcard Exchange Project

Right now, people seldom send letters, greeting cards or postcards via mail. Why spend some money buying writing materials and stamp if you can communicate by text, chat and email anyway?

When I arrived here in England, I saw a tourist holding her postcard album. She was telling her friend that she managed to collect those postcards by swapping with other collectors from different parts of the world. That’s when I get the idea of starting my own postcard collection.

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