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The Birth of Senyorita – The Travel Blog of Micamyx

I am happy to announce that I am finally launching SENYORITA.net, my travel blog!


What’s with the domain name? Well, I bought the domain last year because I wanted to venture into beauty and fashion blogging. Being a woman working in a place full of vanity makes you want to improve yourself in terms of your physical beauty and the way you dress. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to update the blog. For a while, the said domain became my anonymous emo blog (blame it on the fact that I became jobless on Christmas season pft). I deleted all the entries as soon as I recovered from a week of depression LOL.

Just early this year, I tried my best to keep myself updated in terms of the latest kikay stuff such as make-up, lipgloss, hairstyle etc. Still, I didn’t pursue it because I am not really vain. Fashion blogging is also a no-no since I don’t really shop. Errr…. I actually hate shopping. Ok. Not hate. I’m just not fond of it.

This year, I’ve been to Pangasinan, La Union, Boracay and Cebu. I then thought of transforming Senyorita into a travel blog. Hey, why not? Senyorita means single woman anyway and what do most single ladies do? TRAVEL!

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Back From Boracay!

Where was I last Friday and Saturday? I went to Boracay for a much-deserved weekend break at the beach!

I will surely miss Boracay!

I will surely miss Boracay!

This trip is entirely different from the first one. We learned that SEAIR has a shuttle service for the transfer of passengers from Caticlan airport to the island. We failed to enjoy the service the last time since we availed the transfer offered by Tans Guesthouse. We also spent the afternoon searching for the cheapest buko juice and for the best milkshake ever (as recommended by Byahilo). Our accommodation at Eriko’s House is also surprisingly awesome! The room looked better in real-life LOL. We were able to walk from Station 1 to Station 3 (Failed to do this the last time). And yeah, we went to different islands the whole Saturday for only Php500 with buffet lunch!

Expect a longer blog entry about this on my upcoming travel blog which will be publicly announced soon. I’m excited! 😀