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Deadlines. Dead lines.Don’t you just love beating deadlines? It is the timeframe you impose to yourself on how long a specific task must be completed. I remember asking my teachers to extend the deadline of our projects and assignments way back in high school. We were trained to submit everything on the dot or else we will be suffering the consequences.

You Have a Deadline to Beat. Stop Plurking!

You Have a Deadline to Beat. Stop Plurking!

As a student, I always thought that i’ll be able to escape from this deadline thing once I step out of school, but no. On my first home-based job as a virtual assistant, I was trained by my superiors to finish all my tasks (including daily reports) on a certain time. We rarely had extentions. I thought I could bum around as a work-at-home lady, but no. Thinking about a certain deadline before sleeping and being reminded asap when you wake up is somewhat similar to a nightmare especially if you find your task uninteresting.

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