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Have Baby, Will Blog

Were you able to read the Summit Media book Have Baby, Will Date? Or were you able to catch the TV version of the said chicklit on TV5 where Valerie Concepcion played the lead role? Well, any of the two mentioned  has nothing to do with this blog entry LOL 😛

Last Saturday, Ada and I went to Greenhills after our shoot for Tek Tok TV. We found out that Hannah’s scheduled to host a seminar somewhere in Promenade Mall and since we have nothing to do, we decided to take a sneak peak at the event.


Keep that in mind, dear parents!

We saw Carlo Ople talking in front while Sir Sonny invited us to join. I then found out that it is a Cyber Safety Campaign for Parents seminar. Obviously, we didn’t really have plans of staying since it is a seminar designed for parents. Carlo’s talk somewhat caught my attention because he was speaking about online gaming addiction when we came in. We decided to stay 😛

The next speaker that day is Sir Sonny, who then discussed about keeping your kids safe from possible harm that can be seen online. He narrated how he gained his son’s trust and vice versa. He also emphasized on the importance of building that ‘offline’ connection with your kids. Spending time with them and being a role model to them is the most effective way of teaching a little kid. It somewhat reminded me on how I was brought up by my parents.

When I was in elementary, I am frequently seen in the library reading books and I kept on borrowing them just for the sake of having my library card filled out LOL. These days, kids rely on the internet for their research and assignments. Everything works in an instant and technology is the one to thank (or to blame?) because we can now access information in just a snap.

All throughout the talk, I was quiet at my seat. I remember Ada asking me from time to time ‘Huy, anong iniisip mo?’, ‘Oi badet bakit tahimik ka?’ ‘Inaantok ka na ‘noh?’ – Ang Kulit eh haha but well.. what was i really thinking while at my seat?

See, I am already 23 years old. In fact, I am already in the marrying age. I have a stable job and yes, i can produce a baby now LOL. A cousin of mine gave birth last Sunday and we’re at the same age so yeah, basically i am now capable of making babies. Plenty of babies!

But errr… I dunno. Am I ready to really have one? Financially, I can say I am now capable of supporting a little kid’s needs with the help of the father. Physically, I also am (with a sexy yet healthy body like mine LOL!) but Emotionally, I don’t think I am. Mentally too.

Then I thought of these scenarios:

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