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The Music of Alessandra de Rossi

Fil-Italian actress Alessandra de Rossi doesn’t need to prove herself in terms of acting. With a number of Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress awards and nominations under her belt, she is truly one of the most versatile performers in the Philippine showbiz industry. She is one of the few stars who can do mainstream and independent films at the same time. You always see her on TV either making the life of the protagonist as miserable as hell or she’ll make her life with her badet antics.

Alex de Rossi - Photo grabbed from http://misisdef.tumblr.com/

She is also a well-loved personality on Twitter (@msderossi) together with her Yaya. I guess the tag ‘Babaeng Bakla’ perfectly suits her. Playing the role of the street smart Bernadette in Legacy, it seems like she was able to pull of an antagonist role yet instead of despising her wrongdoings, you just can’t help but laugh and be endeared with her charm.

Anyway, did you know that Alessandra de Rossi is also a singer/composer?

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