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Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a PicLyf Entry

Someone just turned a year older today. He happened to be the man behind a popular Filipino search engine which I wanted to copy when I was in high school (hindi kinaya ng notepad ang codes LOL). He also runs and operates a bakery somewhere in the South and not only that – he is also into baking blogs and ranks their hotness and freshness according to several factors which I don’t really want to discuss because I am lazy. He is also a camwhore who kept on imitating the Villar pose or the Jejemon Heart in his Piclyf updates. What a talented guy, right? He also happened to be my partner – at least on Facebook.

Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a Piclyf Entry

Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a Piclyf Entry

We last saw each other at the recently-concluded Cebu Blog Camp. I don’t know why all of a sudden, I saw myself in some of the newbie bloggers who were approaching me. The Devcom thingy at IT Park also made me remember that once in my life, I want to become a web developer/programmer. I want to run my very own website and yes, a search engine.

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