Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a PicLyf Entry

Someone just turned a year older today. He happened to be the man behind a popular Filipino search engine which I wanted to copy when I was in high school (hindi kinaya ng notepad ang codes LOL). He also runs and operates a bakery somewhere in the South and not only that – he is also into baking blogs and ranks their hotness and freshness according to several factors which I don’t really want to discuss because I am lazy. He is also a camwhore who kept on imitating the Villar pose or the Jejemon Heart in his Piclyf updates. What a talented guy, right? He also happened to be my partner – at least on Facebook.

Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a Piclyf Entry

Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a Piclyf Entry

We last saw each other at the recently-concluded Cebu Blog Camp. I don’t know why all of a sudden, I saw myself in some of the newbie bloggers who were approaching me. The Devcom thingy at IT Park also made me remember that once in my life, I want to become a web developer/programmer. I want to run my very own website and yes, a search engine.

Then I started asking the birthday boy  about his search engine and how he  feels whenever people approach him and express how they truly adore his work way back. To be honest, I sort of find it weird that most people would refer to him as ‘Mr. Ratified’ instead of ‘Mr. Alleba’. Well, that’s just me πŸ˜€

I wrote a birthday post for him last year which is more candid and errr… fangirl-ish. For a change, I’ll be posting an excerpt from my current interview with him related to Alleba. No need to search for answers because it’s all here so read on πŸ˜€

> 1. Give me a short story on how Alleba started.

My classmate introduced me to Google back in 2000 and thought how it
would be cool to have my own search engine. I searched online for PHP
directory scripts and found one that I still use to this day. I chose
Alleba because Abella.com was taken. Abella is my middle name.

> 2. What pushed you to make a search engine?

I guess it was out of curiosity. And I had a lot of time in my hands.
I decided to do something fruitful while I was looking for a job.

> 3. Why Alleba? (kunwari di ko alam)

Again, when I was starting out, Abella.com was taken. So I flipped
the letters and settled for Alleba. In retrospect, it did sound

> 4. Did you manage the whole thing by yourself? I remember submitting some
> sites to the directory way back πŸ˜›

Yes, it was all me.

> 5. Who were your ‘competitors’ during that time?

I’m not sure if I was competing since it was a purely experimental
project. But I would say Yehey and Filipinolinks.

> 6. Why did you require the Alleba code to be placed at every site submitted
> before you put them at the directory? LOL

For higher Pagerank? Haha.

> 7. Do you remember a specific fangirl who kept on contributing sites about
> Filipino celebrities? LOL

I only recall somebody who kept submitting fan pages. That was a long
time ago. I honestly could not remember specific names. But after
your little confession, I guess that somebody was named Mica. Lol.

> 8. Did you receive any recognitions or awards during the peak of Alleba?


> 9. How do you feel when students/IT practitioners give praises whenever they
> find out that you are the guy behind Alleba?

It always feels good to be recognized. Funny story. There was a time
when a guy asked me if I was in high school when I made Alleba but in
reality I had just graduated from my second degree when I made it.
That guy turned out to be someone from Yehey. We were co-organizers
for the first Wordcamp in the Philippines.

> 10. Alleba or Ratified? Choose one only πŸ˜›

Alleba coz it has more sentimental value.

> 11. Do you find it weird that all of a sudden I am asking these questions to
> you? Because I do feel weird. I feel like a high school fan girl all over
> again teehee

I’m used to fans. Lol.

> 12. Is Alleba.com your first baby?

I’d like to say yes but no. I created my first website in 1997 on
Geocities and a few others followed. Let’s keep those under wraps can

So there. As I type this one, I wonder why am I too formal? T_T It feels weird but I simply want to show my heartfelt and sincerest happy birthday greeting to Mr. Joseph Andrew Abella dela Serna. I don’t really care if you are Mr. Alleba or Mr. Ratified or Mr. Piclyf or Mr. Jejemon (awth). All I know is that you are my Bebs Γ‚Β πŸ™‚ Lucky to have a bestfriend in you πŸ™‚ hAp! bUrTdEi pOwH hUh gOd bLeSs pOwH iNgAtz U πŸ˜€

PS: Remember my prediction last year? I hope you don’t πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Ratifying Mr. Alleba with a PicLyf Entry

  1. Ria Jose

    I owe so much to Kuya Andrew. Happy to be his cousin, otherwise, he’d hate me. LOVE YAH KUYA! πŸ™‚

  2. drew

    Yey, thanks for this blog post! Good thing I finished answering the interview on time! Thank you beb. You made my day extra special πŸ™‚

  3. Photoblogger

    WOOT! HAPPY BDAY TO Mr. Ratified! (rock) May thou hast more bdays to come.

    cool interview mica, pang showbiz mag!

  4. mark

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ratified. The interview was cool. Although it would be great if you asked him the steps on how to create a search engine.LOOOOOOOOOL.


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