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An Open Letter to my Five Boy Friends

I had a blast last week with the Bloggers’ Choice award that I received. The other afternoon, I received an email indicating that I won in an online writing contest that pushed me to renew my passport (which expired ten years ago LOL) immediately. I’m thankful that DFA responded in my online application query just in time. Just this afternoon, I went to DFA and processed my papers. I’ll be claiming my passport on October 22, a day before my flight ^_^

Too Tired To Cry

The photo above was taken in a blogger event sometime in December last year. When my friend took this photo and I saw it, i told him that this photo depicts a thousand words and I’m going to use it in a blog post soon. Now this is it!

Anyway, the intro of this post and the photo above has nothing to do with the blog title hehe. I simply want to write a letter to some male friends of mine who somewhat made me feel either too happy or too sad the previous days. No matter what caused my temporary anger or happiness, I would like to let them know that I am thankful for having them in my life…

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