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Pangasinan Bloggers’ Tour Day 2 – Alaminos City and Hundred Islands Adventure

Before I proceed to this travelogue, i want to confess something first: I haven’t been to Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, Pangasinan prior to this trip despite the fact that live only 1 1/2 hrs away from it.


Are you ready for the ultimate Hundred Islands adventure?

It is the reason why I am excited to go to Hundred Islands. As a little kid, i remember my father passing through the port of the Hundred Islands National Park, but I never really had the chance to ride in a boat and explore Pangasinan’s most prized tourism destination. If you’re favorite subject in Elementary is Civics and Culture or Sibika at Kultura, you surely had that urge as a little kid to go to the Hundred Islands and simply be amazed on how these islands appeared in that clean body of water. Whew.

When Anton and I were discussing about the Pangasinan trip, I told him that i am dying to see the Hundred Islands and i think going there with a bunch of travel bloggers will make it extra special.

And I was right.

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Sneak Preview of the Western Pangasinan Getaway

One of my dream projects as a blogger is to bring some of my blogger friends to Pangasinan, my beloved hometown. For months, there were attempts of organizing one, but due to the very long trip hours and lack of information, the plans never pushed through. Thanks to Anton (originally from Anda, Pangasinan) because he is my partner in organizing this trip. We had the same goal when finally we talked about the dream of organizing a Pangasinan Tour with blogger friends. Josh Uy is from Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan and he helped us out in terms of transportation πŸ™‚

Frames @ Bolinao Lighthouse. Photo By Estan Cabigas

I am so happy because the dream trip finally pushed through! Last weekend, I together with Anton, Ada, Darwin, Estan, Robbie, Cai, Gael, Marky and Josh embarked on a very long trip to Pangasinan in order to explore, learn and enjoy our own Pangasinan experience. I didn’t really get the chance to enjoy Alaminos and Bolinao in the past that’s why i want this trip to push through. In my own opinion, this is quite different to my past group trips. Let’s just say that this is more personal to me πŸ™‚ It felt kinda weird especially when we were gallivanting in Dagupan City LOL πŸ˜›

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