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Pangasinan Bloggers’ Tour Day 2 – Alaminos City and Hundred Islands Adventure

Before I proceed to this travelogue, i want to confess something first: I haven’t been to Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, Pangasinan prior to this trip despite the fact that live only 1 1/2 hrs away from it.


Are you ready for the ultimate Hundred Islands adventure?

It is the reason why I am excited to go to Hundred Islands. As a little kid, i remember my father passing through the port of the Hundred Islands National Park, but I never really had the chance to ride in a boat and explore Pangasinan’s most prized tourism destination. If you’re favorite subject in Elementary is Civics and Culture or Sibika at Kultura, you surely had that urge as a little kid to go to the Hundred Islands and simply be amazed on how these islands appeared in that clean body of water. Whew.

When Anton and I were discussing about the Pangasinan trip, I told him that i am dying to see the Hundred Islands and i think going there with a bunch of travel bloggers will make it extra special.

And I was right.

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