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One Rainy Friday Filled with Coffee-Related Dreams

At 3PM today, Maire and I met up in our favorite coffee shop. We were supposed to watch a movie with high school friends, but had to cancel it the last minute due to the heavy rain downpour. Earlier this afternoon, I rushed to the bank to pay for something very important.


Save Me

I remember feeling really stressed since I need to print something before I proceed to the bank. The internet shop is full of students playing computer games and I just begged the owner if I can use the internet for a few minutes to download the document I need to print. When she gave me the go signal, I immediately went to my inbox and downloaded the needed file. The woman in-charge of printing stuff transfered the file in a program and was about to print it when all of a sudden, the electricity was switched off. Brownout!

I wished that the electricity will be back real soon since I really need to print that document. I don’t want to postpone an important appointment since there is a tendency that the date will be moved to a later day. After five minutes, the lights are on. Woohoo!

I had my important document printed and made it to the bank fifteen minutes before it closed. I’m just glad that despite the challenges I’ve been through that day, I was able to do that important task. No rain and brownout can stop the bull!

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Six Years of Waiting – High School Yearbook

Last Friday, I met up with some of my Manila-based High School batchmates. It is my first time to see some of them since graduation day. The main agenda of the meet-up? Our HS Yearbook.

Yes, our High School Yearbook! I am not sure if I am authorized to disclose the main reason why it took THAT long before the memorabilia was released, but at least it is now up for grabs, right? The only sad thing there is hindi man lang siya na-bind. Uh oh.

Write-up about me taken from High School Yearbook (2004)

Write-up about me taken from High School Yearbook (2004)

Well, that is not really important IMO. I was looking forward to reading some of the write-ups written by the people behind the yearbook project.

I was surprised upon seeing the alloted page for me. My graduation and casual photo was there. My e-mail address is a combination of my nickname+my celebrity crush. My home address is similar to my school address. My motto is “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” and my ambition was “to be successful in the entertainment industry”. Wow. And it is nice to know that in a way, i am making that dream come true step by step 🙂

What made me really giggle like a sixteen year old teen again is the write-up written by the person whom i truly admire way back. No need to mention his name and i hope he won’t be able to think of something negative upon reading this if ever. Well… here it is!

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