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First Time in Cebu Day 3: Grand Kembot Day!

August 9 is Grand Kembot Day!

August 9 is Grand Kembot Day!

Spontaneous – > The perfect adjective to describe my third day in Cebu City with the Kemboteras.

We originally planned of going to Carcar and Talisay that Sunday. ‘Bohol’ also popped out in one of our conversations. With no final decision on how we should spend the next day, we ended up saying ‘Bahala na’ before going to sleep.

As expected, the four of us woke up late =P Thanks to Sinjin for waking us up at our hotel room. We ate our late breakfast while taking turns in using the bathroom. We canceled our out of town plans and decided to just eat lunch at the famous Abuhan Dos, where the famous Pochero is found.

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