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Is ‘Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir’ Worth Watching?

The plan of turning San Pedro Calungsod’s short but meaningful life on the big screen has been going on for years. I remember seeing a photo of another actor who is the original choice to play the coveted role. It would be impossible nowadays for mainstream film outfits to shell out money for such project (it’s all about the money, honey). Gone are the days when Filipino moviegoers could expect to an inspirational film for Christmas or Holy Week.

Fr. Diego San Vitores (Christian Vazquez) and Pedro Calungsod (Rocco Nacino)dro-Calungsod1

Fr. Diego de  San Vitores (Christian Vazquez) and Pedro Calungsod (Rocco Nacino)

We all know that Metro Manila Film Festival is for the family and most would prefer to watch the feel-good films. Watch this film as it serves as a reminder of the sacrifices of San Pedro Calungsod. It will serve as an inspiration to the youth and we need films like this especially after all the challenges our country have gone through the past months.

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